Virtual Basketball Training

Virtual Basketball Training

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Believer Sports virtual basketball training is more than skill development. Believer Sports believes in the overall development of our athletes. A Believer Sports memberships comes with daily activities athletes can do right from home. Believer Sports offer player development, film study, mentorship, game nights, and more. Social distancing can affect socialization skills, so Believer Sports offers a safe virtual environment where athletes can share drills, enter into 2k tournaments, and have virtual gatherings. Interacting with others during this time is important for mental health; even if its virtual-its beneficial. Below is a schedule of activities that members will be able to engage in.
1. Strength and Conditioning Live Training: Believer Sports Strength and Conditioning program is more than calisthenics. Join a session and see for yourself.
- Monday through Friday @ 8am - 9am; This is open to all athletes.

2. Film Session Live Interaction: Film session helps develop basketball IQ
- Monday through Friday
- Elementary aged/Beginners - 11am - 12pm
- Middle School - 1pm - 2pm
- High School/Advanced - 2:30pm - 3:30pm
- Be sure to have a notebook specifically for Film Session
- Believer Sports offer personal film sessions to go over old film of yourself. Please visit for more information.

3. Skill Development:
- Monday through Friday @ 4pm - 5pm
- Be sure to come to the training 15mins early to make sure you are prepared (warmed up, stretched, and have necessary equipment).
- Open to all skill levels

4. Life Skills: Athletes will engage in one workshop per month to learn about financial literacy. Believer Sports financial literacy courses teaches athletes about basic money management skills to advance skills like homeownership and purchasing vehicles. These course are imperative for athletes to understand how to manage their own money. In the future collegiate athletes will get paid and understanding how to make that money work for you determine financial success.

5. Mentoring Program: Emails will be sent to enroll youth into our mentoring program, Athlete 2 Athlete.

Believer Sports Membership also provides you with access to discounted in person training and development.

Once you register you will be sent a link to join the sessions.

Thank You for choosing Believer Sports for your development!

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