10/29/22 - Coed Rotating Pairs Volleyball Costume Tournament

10/29/22 - Coed Rotating Pairs Volleyball Costume Tournament

Saturday Afternoon @ Sonesta Lanes. Sand Volleyball Coed Rotating Pairs Costume Tournament


Oct 29


12:00 PM – 5:00 AM


AMF Sonesta Lanes




Saturday 10/29 - CRPT Volleyball Costume Tournament

12:00 PM - 5:00 PM @ Sonesta Lanes

Beach Volleyball Tournament
Format: Beach Coed Rotating Pairs Tournament - sign-up your team of *1 male / 1 female *

Prizes for best "team costume" voting during break

What is rotating pairs? You stick with your COED teammate throughout the whole day, but you will play with & against every pair in your pool.

You will be playing 4v4 every game.

Each pair will be assigned to a net of 4 other pairs. After each pair has played through the pool (with and against the other 4 pairs), all pairs will be re-assigned a new net based on their performance. At this point, each net will have a new pool of 5. The top pair from each pool will be crowned a champion of their division!
Skill level range from B to A.

Tournament lasts about 4 hours.

We are capped at 25 pairs for this tournament.

Registration must be received before you are scheduled in the tournament!

Please call or text Mike at 303-923-5645 if you have any questions!

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