Thursday Football - Coed 7v7 Recreational @ Fred Thomas [Central Park] S 2' 24

Thursday Football - Coed 7v7 Recreational @ Fred Thomas [Central Park] S 2' 24

[Grass Field] Coed 7v7 Thursday Night Flag Football Recreational at Fred Thomas Park


May 16 – Jul 11, 2024


6:00 – 8:00 PM


Fred Thomas Park



Longer matches & more play time! Join the best football in Denver

We will be offering this league on Thursday Nights at Fred Thomas Park. We play on a flat, lined grass field.

Games are comprised of 2 halves (20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time).

Coed 7v7 Recreational (5 male, 2 female players on field)

This is a 6 week league with an end of the season tournament. WE CAN ONLY TAKE THE FIRST 5 TEAMS

Week 1 - 5/16
Week 2 - 5/23
Week 3 - 5/30
Week 4 - 6/6
Week 5 - 6/13
Week 6 - 6/20

Week 7 - 6/27 - End of Season Tournament Week 1
Week 8 - 7/4 - OFF FOR HOLIDAY
Week 9 - 7/11 - End of Season Tournament Week 2

Your league will have its own update page with current schedule, standings and more.

A paid referee is included in your league fee - there's no extra "ref fee" each week!

Don't have a full team? Sign-up as an individual and we will get you placed onto a team! We are the league that ACTUALLY gets you playing!

Join the league where you will get the most playing time. Longer matches, smaller rosters (NEVER more than 13 players on a team) and an extremely responsive league office to ensure the best possible experience for you!

Registration Instructions

Signing-up a full team - A player from the team must complete on-line registration through the PlayPass website by selecting a team registration option. Once registration is completed, we will email you a team roster form to register your teammates, enter your team name and select you jersey color preference. You will need the following information:

E-mail Address
Phone Number
Shirt Size

It is acceptable to take a few days to gather the required information from your teammates, but it must be submitted 4 business days prior to the league start date to guarantee your team's jerseys on the first night of the league!

Signing-up a small group - If you and a few friends want to play together, we make it as easy as possible. Please register with the individual registration option. On the last question of registration, there will be a spot to list your the names of the other people in your group. Each person in your group will need to individually register as well. We will make sure to place you and the rest of your group together on the same team. Have a friend that wants to join after you registered and you want to make sure you play together? Simply e-mail Mike at or call at 303-923-5645 to update us and we'll make it happen!

Signing-up as an individual - New to town, don't know anybody that plays the sport or can't convince anyone to join you on the pitch? No problem! We've placed over 2000 individuals this past year on to different teams. Simply register using the individual registration option and we'll get you playing. Most of the time we will place you onto a team of other individual players. Occasionally you may be added to a returning team that needs an additional player or two to round out their roster.

About the park:

We play on a flat grass field that is lined with pylon markers. We use first down markers every 20-25 yards based on field alignment at the park.

Skill Levels:

Recreational - players from first-time players to low level intermediate players are welcome. This is a relaxed flag football league, where the rules are still enforced, and everyone gets to come out and have a good time.

Intermediate - players should have above average passing skills, good field awareness and knows/plays their position. Teams at this level will often have designed plays to run.

Advanced - Truly among the best players in our leagues. Players are extremely proficient at all facets of the game of football. Most players at this level have had previous high-school or college experience.

Questions? Want more information?!

Call or text Mike at 303-923-5645 and he will be glad to assist you in any way possible!

Thanks and we'll see you on the field!

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