Adult Roller Hockey League of Middle Tennessee - Frequently Asked Questions

Added by Rebecca Crumby Gibson


Spring 2021 Season FAQs:

  1. How do I sign up for the league?
    A: First, sign up for USA Roller Hockey at www.usarollerhockey.org - you’re going to need that confirmation number. Next, visit www.playpass.com/arhl-mt615 to register for the league. (Goalies, be sure to use coupon code GOALIE21 when checking out on PlayPass.)

  2. What if I want to be on a certain team?
    A: For teams that want to submit an entire roster, your captain should email me at arhl.mt615@gmail.com with a list of names and numbers AFTER everyone has completed their registration.

  3. What if I’m a free agent?
    A: All you have to do is register. Once registration closes, I’ll divide the teams up evenly based on skill level, position, size, etc.

  4. What if I don’t care what team I’m on as long as I’m on the same team as ___________?
    A. Once you and your friend(s) have signed up, please email me with your request to be on the same team and I will do my best to make it happen.

  5. When are games and how many games/weeks will we play?
    A: Depending on total number of teams, the season will be approximately 9 weeks long. All games will be played on SATURDAYS starting at 8AM. (If we are rained out on Saturday, we will make arrangements to play on Sunday.) Every team will play 2 games per week. The final week(s) of the season will be a single-elimination, tournament style championship.

  6. How many teams are there?
    A: As of right now, we are projecting 60-70 skaters amongst 8 teams.

  7. Who is responsible for jerseys?
    A: Your jerseys will be covered with your registration dues. Jerseys will be designed based on your team name/logo submitted to me by your team captains AFTER registration closes and teams are determined.

  8. Why are we called ARHL-MT instead of NARHL?
    A: The NARHL commissioner recently approached Erik Gibson and myself asking if we wanted to take over the league because he was looking to step down. Instead of taking over NARHL, however, we decided to create ARHL-MT. This way, we could choose to be sanctioned by USA Roller Hockey instead of AAU, and therefore we will actually get to play our season. AAU is still not allowing play for their sanctioned leagues due to COVID-19. Also, as ARHL-MT is an independently owned and operated league, we are not required to abide by the rules/regulations of Youth Inc.

  9. Where are games played?
    A: Though we are not governed by Youth Inc., we have still chosen to rent the rink in LaVergne, TN, at Veterans Memorial Park, from them for our league play for the Spring 2021 season. This may not always be the case, but based on current available rinks in the area, we decided it best to stay at LaVergne for this season.

  10. Since we are still playing at LaVergne, can we not just transfer our dues paid to NARHL for this new league?
    A: No. ARHL-MT has nothing to do with NARHL other than our games being played on the same rink. It is your responsibility to reach out to Andy Lyons for your refund for the NARHL spring/summer season that was not played.

  11. When does registration close?
    A: On-time registration closes on March 1, 2021 Depending on how many people have not signed up at that point, we may decide to open a late registration portal for an additional fee.

  12. When does league play start?
    A: All game-one play starts on Saturday April 3. 2021. Detailed schedules will be posted in this group as soon as they are finalized, AFTER on-time registration closes on March 1, 2021.

  13. What if I can't commit to all of the games, but I still want to play? Do I have to pay the full registration fee?
    A: I have decided to create coupon code HALFSEASON21 for skaters who want to register to skate in 8 (or less) of the 16 games. This will still allow the player a jersey and cover their portion of rink rent. Not that anyone in this group would do this, but I have to disclose that if a skater pays with code HALFSEASON and is noticed to have played in more than 8 games, he/she will be asked to pay the remaining portion of their registration fee. If this becomes an issue, said skater will be banned from further ARHL-MT league play.

  14. Can we not just enter an entire team for one fee?
    A: Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot allow team registrations. I am requiring every skater to sign up individually because this will allow me record of their personal information as well as USARH member number.

  15. Will every team make it to the playoffs?
    A: Yes. Every team is guaranteed 20 games, and then entrance into the single-elimination playoff.

I hope this helps clear up any questions you all may have regarding our new league and upcoming season! However, if you need anything clarified further, or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon.

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