League Code Of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct

As Cheerleaders you are a representative of our squad. We expect you to put your best foot forward at all times. Whether it be in the classroom, games, practices or out in the world. Always participating good sportsmanship is important to cheerleading. We as a squad or as individuals always try to build up others spirits. This means we build our squads or other individuals spirits up without ever putting another squad or person down.

Our Goals
To have fun
To develop our skills in leadership, cooperation, and in the giving and receiving of constructive criticism
To support our squad and boost our squads spirits
To be ready and on time to all games and practices
To learn how to be a cheerleader by using your cheer voices, correct motions, and always having a smile on your face

Our rules

Be respectful of coaches and bring your listening ears
Do not leave the practice, game, or competition area without first checking in with the coach
No tumbling or stunting when the coach is not present
Be respectful of others and yourself whether it concerns feelings, personal space, or belongings
Be respectful of our practice area remember we are a guest here so we need to be on our best behavior
Please leave practice space the way we found it if not better remember we are guests here

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