Privacy Policy

We encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions section before reading our Privacy Policy. It is imperative that you understand these conditions as using our services enters you, the user, into a binding contract with Playpass.

Privacy Policies are published to help you understand what information we collect, what we do with your information, when we use your information, and who gets to see your information. Included are a section on safe browsing practices and a reiteration of Clause 1, Paragraph 1, Line A of our Terms and Conditions for parents of users.

What information do we collect? How do we collect it?

We collect information that is forfeit by default when registering as a user or organizer. This information varies by the volume of data input into the fields required for registration. This information includes, but is not limited to:

a. Full name and nicknames;
b. Age;
c. Date of Birth;
d. Gender;
e. Location;
f. Email address; and
g. Names of entities represented.

In addition, permission to access information from third party services may be granted. Applications and websites such as Facebook or Twitter may be linked to your profile. Depending on your settings or the settings put in place by these third party applications and websites, we may be able to collect information such as contacts and friends lists. Please check your settings for every website and application, including settings for Playpass services.

We also collect technical information in addition to personal information manually inputted by you. This information includes:

a. Log data: Our servers automatically collect information from your browser. This is typically default information your browser will send to every website it visits. This information includes IP addresses, any websites that have Playpass features, the browser type and unique settings, the date and time of your requests, and how you used the Playpass website.
b. Cookies: We may use cookies to track and record your unique log data. These include “session” and “persistent” type cookies. For example, session cookies track unique user behaviors, such as search parameters and real-time location settings. Persistent cookies track user preferences, such as language and time settings.
c. Device data: We track device information every time you access Playpass services, including websites and applications. Information collected includes device type, operating system type, unique device identifiers, and crash data.

What do we do with your information? How do we use it?

There are many reasons why we collect your information. First and foremost, we collect your information to help improve our products and services. At Playpass, we are constantly improving the user experience, and by tracking user information, we can make appropriate and timely adjustments, develop updates, and plan for future products and services.

We also track information to help:

a. Show you relevant suggestions for camps, clubs, leagues and tournaments;
b. Show you relevant ads;
c. Send you information on updates and customized marketing campaigns; and
d. Contact you directly with the information provided on your profile.

When do we use your information? Who sees it?

Unless defined in other sections of our Privacy Policy, Playpass will not transfer information without your consent. As outlined in Clauses 11 and 27 of our Terms and Conditions, we may be required to forfeit your information for investigation by local, state, federal or international organizations where the laws and regulations permit.

We may allow third party security firms to process your information to help us all better understand, detect, predict and prevent spam, hacking or cracking. We may allow third party accountants to process your information for auditing purposes.

We may allow third party advertisers to process your unique information for personalized marketing campaigns.

We may pass off all user information in the event Playpass is subject to foreclosure, bankruptcy, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, acquisition or a merger.

Playpass will never sell personal information.

In addition, other users will be able to see your personal information, albeit limited. Other users will be able to see your selected username or nickname, some contact information, favorite sports, and your default location (city).

Notes on Safe Browsing Practices

We encourage all Playpass users to practice safe browsing. This includes updating browser software, using anti-virus software, avoiding unknown services that require money wiring or any money transfers, and protecting younger browsers from adult-only websites.

Playpass is intended for users aged 13+, as outlined in Clause 1, Paragraph 1, Line A of our Terms and Conditions. If you are a parent and believe your child (aged 12-) is using Playpass services, please contact us for administrative action.

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