Battle League XXI Team Registration

Battle League XXI Team Registration

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League Info

Jul 25 – Aug 29, 2021


5:00 PM


6034 83 St NW



The Battle League XXI is the first basketball league program of its kind, centered around an energetic, entertaining and competitive brand of basketball showcased via full media coverage and entertaining storylines from the league.

Let the Battle Begin!

This League offers:

  • 5 vs 5 Summer League
  • Media Coverage including photos, condensed game highlights, pre-post game player/team interviews, and post game podcast talks curated in episodes format.
  • Team Jerseys
  • 6 guaranteed games (5 weeks) + playoffs
  • Gymnasium access and Equipment
  • Fully staffed games
  • Up to date League standings, schedules, player stats and leaderboards.
  • Special prizes for league champs.

    Registration Guide

  • Early Bird registration fee: $1500 per team ($150 per player if team consists of 10 players or $100 if team consists of 15 players).

  • Late Registration fee: $1500 per team

  • Captains register a Full Team to build their own roster and decide themselves how many teammates to include.

  • The more players on the roster, the lower the cost per player.

  • Full Team fees are paid for in full at the time of registration.

  • Minimum of 8 players, Max of 15 and Ideal of 10 players for a Full Team registration. (if a 15 roster team emerges as the winning team, the winning prices may be changed)

  • Your team registration package will be sent to team captains email and must be submitted before July 24th 2021.
    -Schedule will be posted on July 23rd

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