Wednesday Night Winter Corporate Basketball League

Wednesday Night Winter Corporate Basketball League

South San Francisco High School

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Oct 9 – Dec 4, 2019


6:45 – 10:00 PM


South San Francisco High School

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A. BE ON TIME: Try to have your team 20mins early before your game. You may start the game with 4 players. Any team forfeit will be an automatic loss and $50 fine.

B. LEAGUE FEE: League fee will be $775 per team, and $105 for Free Agents. Scorekeeper will need to be paid $15 per team for their service for full stats and video of your game. Free Agent team are excluded from the $15 fee

C. RUBBISH: Please throw away your rubbish after the game.

D. TIMEOUTS: (3) 30sec timeouts for the game. Timeouts carry over in OT. One timeout is given in Overtime.

E. 20MIN HALVES: Each team will have a 5 minute warm up before each game. Half time will be 1 minutes. If we are running behind schedule we will have to shorten teams’ warm-ups

F. CLOCK RULES: The clock will stop for every timeout, delay, and last 2min of the second halves unless one team is up by 15pts then the clock will keep going. The ball do not advance.

G. JERSEYS: Please try to have same color jerseys with a number. If there are 2 players or more with the same number or no number, it’s an automatic tech, and 2 points to the other team per player.

H. PLAYERS: Each player is required to play 2 games or more. Any players who don’t meet this requirement will not be allowed to play in the playoffs. Also, no player is allowed to play on 2 teams. If you’re short of players because your teammates didn’t show, this will result in a forfeit and automatic loss along with a $50 fine. A second forfeit may result in a team being dropped from the league. If a player is injured and can’t shoot a free-throw, the opponent gets to choose any player to shoot. Each player is given 5 personal fouls.

I. OVERTIME: Overtime will be 2min starting with a jump ball. Sudden death if still tied at the end of two minutes.

J. PLAYOFFS: Top 4 teams will make playoffs. 2 team ties are determine by wins. 3 team ties are determine by points differential.

K. Rules: Our rules are similar to College and High School Rules. Ball never advance!

L. SPORTSMANSHIP: If a player gets 2 technical fouls, player will be suspended for one game and fined $25. Player may not return until fine is paid. Please be a good sport and show some respect to each team. We are all out here to have fun, be around friends, and to get away from all the stress. At the end of the day, we want everyone to have fun because after all, it’s just a game!

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Michael Baker Basketball Director