8v8 Rules

8v8 Rules

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Outdoor 8v8 Adult Soccer Rules and Regulations
Brownwood Adult Soccer League 2021
The Brownwood Adult Soccer League Rules for Outdoor 8 v 8 Soccer Leagues are based on FIFA Laws modified for outdoor play. Below are the major differences.

  1. Number of Players: 7 field players and one goalkeeper as set forth below. 
 Teams must have a minimum of six (6) players to begin, continue and conclude a match. The official will start the game clock as scheduled, but provide teams with fewer than six (6) players, a ten (10) minute grace period to produce the minimum required six (6) players before a forfeit is awarded to the opposing team, with the resulting score registered as a 3-0 result.
  2. Ball: Home team (1st on schedule) provides. All Leagues Size 5 

  3. Substitutions: Unlimited “on the fly” with the referee’s permission. Must occur at the halfway line and must not interfere with play (IFK)
  4. Rosters: Fourteen (14) for tournament play. A maximum of one (1) additional adult personnel, coach or otherwise, are allowed in the player’s bench. No coaching is allowed from the opposite touchline.
  5. Equipment: a. Molded cleats, turf shoes and flats (including black-soled)are 
 acceptable footwear. Metal studs cleats are prohibited. b. All players must wear shinguards. c. Teams are required to have a permanent number same colored jersey. 

  6. Duration of Play:
 Type of Play Half Halftime Adult League tournament 2x30 minute halves- 10 minute halftime. 

    1. Kickoff: On the whistle, ball may be played in any direction on the first touch.
  7. Eight Second Restart Rule: A restart must occur within 8 seconds of placing the ball for a free kick, corner kick, goal kick or throw-in. Goalkeepers must also release within 8 seconds after gaining possession and returning to their feet. Goalkeepers may use unlimited steps to bring the ball to the boundary of the penalty area.
  8. Ball Out of Play: If the ball has wholly crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air, the restart is a corner kick or throw-in
  9. Slide Tackling: Slide tackling the ball by field players is not permitted. If penalized, a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposing team.
  10. Injuries: Any player who is bleeding must leave the field. Time will not be stopped for injuries.
  11. Goalkeeper Release: Punts and drop kicks are not permitted. The ball must be distributed by a throw, normal place kick or kick from a dribble. If penalized, a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposing team outside the penalty area
  12. Goalkeeper: a. The goal keeper may NOT handle the ball if intentionally passed to him 
 from the feet of his own teammate. b. The goal keeper is not limited in steps in his penalty area. c. A direct free kick will be awarded at the spot of the foul to opposing team.
  13. Direct Free Kicks:

    Opposing players must give TEN FEET on all kicks and corner kicks or may be cautioned (Re-kick). Kickers may not play these kicks a second time until the ball is touched by another player.

    1. Offsides: No offsides 16. Misconduct Rules: a. YELLOW:A warning caution, no time penalty for this offense. b. 2nd YELLOW: Player is ejected for remainder of game, team may 
 replace with alternate player after 5 minute time penalty. c. Red: Ejection without replacement for the duration of 
 match. The offender must leave the playing area 
 (which includes the player’s bench) and sit out the 
 team’s next match. d. Coaches can be issued cards and issued same penalties as players. e. A profanity rule will be enforced. The first offense will be a verbal warning, followed by a yellow for the second offense, and the third offense will result in an automatic red card. f. Antagonizing or instigating a confrontation can result in a yellow card (fans/coach are not excluded from this and can be issued a card- the card will be given to the captain of that team). Notes: Goalkeepers must serve their own penalties. The Brownwood Adult Soccer League has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” towards fighting. Any player/ coach/fan engaged in fighting will be suspended for the remainder of the season. A second incident of fighting from any player/coach/fan on a team, in which a player/coach/fan has been previously suspended, will result in the ejection of the team from the current season, without refund and may warrant exclusion from future seasons.
  14. Tie Breakers:

  15. Head to Head (or record among tied teams where applicable)

  16. Least goals against

  17. Most goals scored

  18. Number of shut-outs

  19. Number of forfeits

  20. Penalty kick shout out

  21. Point System: Win=3 Tie=1 Loss=0

  22. FIFA PK’s: The kicker is not limited to a one step approach.

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