PARENTS and COACHES Code of Conduct:

Working with parents, coaches, and referees, The CMYSL seeks a safe and fun environment for children to learn and enjoy soccer. All are expected to abide by the CMYSL Code of Conduct. Parents and coaches are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of spectators in their parties.

CMYSL Code of Conduct—Parents and Spectators
• Set the example for children by exemplifying the highest standard of sportsmanship.
• Be knowledgeable of the game.
• Be supportive (e.g. be sure the player attends practices; pick him/her up on time).
• Be positive or quiet at games and practices.
• Respect the coaches and all players on each team.
• Respect the authority of the referees.
• Expect and require your own children to be respectful.
• Avoid confrontation with referees, coaches, players, parents, and spectators.
• Do not enter the field of play without permission of the referee.
• Never criticize the coach.
• Do not coach from the sideline.
• Never use foul or abusive language.
• Get involved with the CMYSL Organization.
• Always remain calm and have good manners.
• Abide by the rules. Violations may subject you to removal from the field and/or league.
• Be aware and refer to the CMYSL Rules and Bylaws.
• Animals, Smoking and Alcohol are strictly prohibited at all fields.

Code of Conduct—Additional Rules for Coaches
• Abide by the Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators, as applicable.
• Place the safety of players above everything else.
• Attend training courses.
• Encourage good sportsmanship, teach skills and fair tactics to all players.
• Always be positive at practices and games.
• Be responsible for monitoring the behavior of players, parents, and team spectators.
• Respect the coaches and players of each team.
• Never abuse a player, mentally, verbally, or physically.

By registering your child with the CMYSL, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Code of Conduct. You further agree to that you will abide by the Code of Conduct and will ensure that all of those in your party will abide by it as well.

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