About Our Program

About Our Program

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Every child is able to compete and reach the goals they once thought were beyond them. This program has been used across country with hundreds of children of all fitness levels, and they have learned fun and active tools to harness self confidence. We have found that the eight core empowerment principles we've selected together create a unique and powerful curriculum. One which combines physical health (a running skill) with strength of character.

Our eight core principles:
Power Words, Positive Thoughts, Aggressive Goals, Personal Resilience, Teamwork, Individual Integrity, Community Vision, New Beginnings
E.R.C uses the Dashstrom Run Club Curriculum which was created by Cristina Ramirez. She has successfully built an amazing program based on the book Mindset by Carol Dweck.

She states, "I began implementing some of these lessons into the Run Club I led at my kids elementary school. Before I knew it, I began seeing results. I heard kids speaking differently about themselves, I received comments from both parents and teachers. These kids are learning to set goals, to view disappointment as a tool, to be resilient and moldable. They believe in themselves. They are light years ahead of where I was at that age."
This is my dream for every child that I have the priviledge of working with - that they will be impacted in a positive way to believe in who they are!
Want to know more about Dashtrom go to www.dsrunclub.com

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