7v7 Outdoor Coed Soccer Rules

7v7 Outdoor Coed Soccer Rules

  1. Number of Players: 6 field players (3M,3F) and 1 goalkeeper as set forth below.
    a. 6 + goalkeeper(either gender)
    b. Teams must have a minimum of 2 females, excluding the goalkeeper, on the field at all times. Female goalkeeper counts towards the 3 female players of the 7 total players.
    c. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to begin, continue and conclude a match. The official will start the game clock as scheduled.
    d. Roster: Minimum of 10, maximum of 14 players per team to register

  2. Substitutions: Any ball stoppage allows a team to make subs. Teams will have to sub from their own side of the field.

  3. Equipment:
    a. Molded cleats, turf shoes and flats (including black-soled) are acceptable footwear. Metal
    studs cleats are prohibited.

    b. Shin guards: Not mandatory but highly encouraged.
    c) Each team is responsible for their own (same color) jerseys. (No back numbers are required). Please have a second color option as well.

  4. Duration of Play:
    a) 2x25min half b) 2 minutes halftime

  5. Kickoff: On the whistle, ball may be played in any direction on the first touch.

  6. Five Second Restart Rule: A restart must occur within 5 seconds of placing the ball for a free kick, corner kick or goal kick. Goalkeepers must also release within 5 seconds after gaining possession and returning to their feet. Goalkeepers may use unlimited steps to bring the ball to the boundary of the penalty area.

  7. Ball Out of Play: If the ball has wholly crossed the goal line or touch line whether on the ground or in the air, the restart is a corner kick or kick-in (instead of through in)

  8. Slide Tackling: Slide tackling the ball by field players is NOT permitted in any division!! If penalized, a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposing team. (All kicking penalties will be direct kicks.)

  9. Injuries: Any player who is bleeding must leave the field. Time will not be stopped for injuries.

  10. Goalkeeper:
    a. The goalkeeper may NOT handle the ball if intentionally passed to them from the feet of their own teammate. A back pass by any body part besides foot or hand is permitted, i.e. head, chest, thigh et certera.
    b. The goalkeeper is not limited in steps in their penalty area.

  11. Direct Free Kicks: Opposing players must give 5 yards for our size field on all kicks and corner kicks or may be cautioned (Rekick). Kickers may not play these kicks a second time until the ball is touched by another player.

  12. Misconduct Rules: If ejected from a game the IM office will determine severity on a case by case format. Suspensions may occur.

  13. Tie Breakers will stand as the final score. If a tie breaker occurs during playoffs, semifinals and finals we will have penalty kicks.

League standing ties will be decided by:

a) Head to Head (or record among tied teams where applicable)
b) Least goals against
c) Most goals scored
d) Goal differential
e) Number of forfeits

  1. Mercy Rule- 15 at half or anytime after, 10 with 2 minutes remaining in the game

  2. Point System: Win=3 Tie=1 Loss=0

  3. PK’s: The kicker is not limited to a one step approach. The ball will be spotted 10 yards from the goal line. (Because the goals are smaller we will be taking penalties from 10 yards instead of 12.)

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