Liability Waiver

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I, the undersigned, in consideration for my voluntary participation, do hereby willfully acknowledge that my signature below attests to my understanding and agreement that:


I will not compromise myself in such way as to do harm to the events, know that players may be dismissed from participation, with possible loss of payment or dues, for violent conduct or unsportsmanlike behavior on or off the court of play.


I agree to pay for any and all damages to any property or indemnities caused by me willfully, negligently, or otherwise.


Basketball is a physical contact sport that involves the risk of injury. I assume all risks and hazards associated with my participation in the sport. I am in proper physical condition to participate in basketball activities and have no illness, disease, or existing injury, or physical defect that would be aggravated by my participation. I will inform leadership if my status changes. I further acknowledge that this risk may involve loss or damage to me or my property, including the risk of death, or other unforeseen consequences, including those which may be due to the unavailability of immediate emergency medical care. I have a current medical consent form in force, appropriate shoes, and other protective equipment. First Christian Church of Ramseur does not have personal injury insurance that covers my participation. Therefore, I should have a current, active, personal injury insurance policy in force, which covers my participation. Under any condition, I am responsible for any and all medical expenses arising from my participation. I have completely read this document and fully understand its contents. I acknowledge that i have given up substantial rights by accepting this document and that I do so voluntarily. My signature attests to this on behalf of myself and my executors, personal representatives, administrators, heirs, next-of-kin, successors, and assigns. For those individuals eighteen (18) years or older, or parent or guardian of a minor.

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