Rules & Regulations

Added by Vaneesh Kumar Ladia


  1. The Managing Committee (MC) consists of Mr Vikas Thapar, Mr Kanwaljit Bobby Arora and Mr Vaneesh Ladia. Their decisions are final and cannot be contested.
  2. Proof of Residence is to be carried at all the times and players can be asked to produce them anytime.
  3. Teams will bring their own Medical Kits, Water and Practice Balls.
  4. One match each on Saturday and Sunday morning will take place through out the League (Except Finals and Semi Finals). However due to some circumstances, PLEASE NOTE THAT A MORNING MATCH IN FIXTURE MAY BE SHIFTED TO EVENING AT THE LAST MOMENT or Saturday match may be shifted to Sunday.
  5. If a match is cancelled due to rains or any other reason, it will be considered as draw.
  6. If a match is stopped while playing due to rains or any other reasons, the MC will decide the outcome depending on the time left and goals scored.
  7. Teams must reach 30 mins before the match time and if a match is delayed for late coming, Rs500 will be cut from security.
  8. Maximum 16 players can register who should be living in the CITY. Out of these 4 ‘Outsiders’ are allowed. An outsider is someone residing in the Sub Burbs of Ludhiana District which includes most nearby villages. HOWEVER THE DECESION WHEATHER A PLAYER IS AN OUTSIDER/CITY IS SOLELY WITH THE MC. Once a player is registered in a team, he cannot change the team.
  9. If any player is found playing in a team apart from registered players the team will be Disqualified immediately and the points or goals accrued by other teams will be cancelled.
  10. Second Yellow card will be the RED CARD. The cards are not carried over. However, if the Committee feels that a player is not following appropriate behaviour or playing dangerously, the player will be fined and can be banned from Tournament.
  11. GNPS has told us that there should be ZERO Littering (Dustbins are placed) and only Bathrooms to be used strictly. Any team violating will be fined Rs100. Request all to leave good impression behind.
  12. Winner will get 3 points and a draw will earn 1 Point. If the points are same then the Goal Difference will be considered. If still it’s a Tie then the team which has scored more Goals will be the Qualifier.
  13. Each Half will be 45 mins with 10 mins break. This may be reduced by the Referee as and when the situation demands it.
  14. Maximum 5 Substitutes are allowed. A substituted player can play again.
  15. Each player must conduct himself appropriately both in and off the ground. Each player must shake hands with opponent team players and referees before and after the match and not use foul language. The MC has the right to take disciplinary action on any player at any time and impose fine.
  16. Each player must be in full Team Uniform otherwise a fine will be imposed.
  17. Mr Vaneesh Ladia will be the main referee. His 2nd will be Mr Harpreet Singh Sandhu. We have 8 senior players who will be the AR (Assistant Referees). Their decisions are final and should be taken with good spirit.
  18. Even though the above ARs will be present during the entire League, each team will give a designated AR who will have to come for the match as a standby and be prepared to officiate if required. Failing to do so will attract Rs 500 fine.
  19. The AR CANNOT be changed. Only in exceptional cases and prior permission from MC, a change of AR will be allowed. The dress code for AR is all black. Any other dress will attract fine.
  20. Each teams security is Rs800. If the Security becomes Rs300 or below then the team will only be allowed to play if they make the security to Rs800 again.
  21. Each team is responsible to retrieve the football (kicked by their player) while playing the match. If the ball is lost Rs800 will be fined. Keep a designated person for this at all times.
  22. The MC will keep a track that ONLY registered players are there. However, it is advisable that each team should also be vigilant with the Opponents Registered Players.
  23. Any complaints, issues or grievances should be conveyed to MC ONLY in private.

To be updated as Tournament Progresses.

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