7/9/22 - Indoor Reverse Coed 4's Volleyball Tournament @ Sport Stable

7/9/22 - Indoor Reverse Coed 4's Volleyball Tournament @ Sport Stable

Saturday Night Reverse Coed 4's Tournament - @ Sport Stable, Superior

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Jul 9


6:00 – 10:15 PM


Sport Stable




Saturday, 7/9 - Reverse Coed 4's Volleyball Tournament

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM @ Sport Stable (Superior)

Early Registration - $120 per team
Registration - $150 per team

One Divisions

Intermediate/Advanced - first 12 teams

Tournament Format

5 games of pool play
Short break while teams are ranked by performance and seeded
Single elimination tournament plus placement game (additional 2-4 games)

We reserve the right to break the tournament into any split based on pool play results and to determine the best level of skill play balance.

Tournament Rules

For the Reverse Coed 4's Tournament, the following rules will be applied -

Nets are lowered to women's height
Male players cannot block and can only attack from behind the 10' line
For our intermediate/advanced teams, we will be following the rules from our Coed 4's league.

Any contact with the net (including tape) while making a play on the ball is a fault and a point for the other team.

Foot faults will be enforced. Please call them on yourselves or have your teammates enforce them.

For hand sets, both indoor sets and outdoor "drop" sets are allowed. For the outdoor sets, they must come out "clean". The set may not drop more than a ball's length and must come out of the player's hands with no side spin and less than 2 rotations.

Open hand tips are NOT allowed.

You may set over the net only if the player's shoulders are parallel to the volleyball net. Side sets and bad sets that "accidentally" go over the net will be awarded a point to the other team.

Players are allowed to land on the center line (the purple line directly underneath the net) while blocking or attacking, but if at least one foot completely crosses it, it is a fault and a point for the other team.

The ball is out of play when the ball touches any wall, banner, side-net or any of the ref stand. Play will continue if the ball touches the ceiling, but does not cross over the net before another player touch.

Players are allowed to receive a serve and the first ball over with open hands. They are also allowed to double/lift this first hit as well (per indoor volleyball rules).

Games will be played to 25, rally-scoring. If needed, win by 2 or first to 27 wins the game.

There are NO referees provided for this tournament. We will be there to help clarify any rule questions and settle any discrepancies. This tournament is for people that can act like adults - if you can't obey and enforce your own calls, please do not waste your time on signing up for this tournament.

Expect to play at least 7-9 games and the tournament will last 4 hours. You will be playing non-stop for the 4 hours.

Questions? Need more information? Call or text Mike at 303-923-5645!

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