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Community Basketball League By-Laws (Girls & Boys)

The organization shall be known as the New London Community Basketball League. This organization is a 501c-3 nonprofit organization under the umbrella of Community Level Up Inc.

Purpose & Eligibility
The leagues are organized to promote, develop, supervise and voluntarily assist the interests of New London Youth who participate in the Community Basketball League.
This league shall be open to boys & girls between the ages of 7-15 yrs old.

Governing Body
The Community Basketball League shall be governed by the League President & Board Members. The board should consist of 7 members with one being a parent.
The governing body shall have the authority to suspend any person affiliated with the league whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of the league. Suspension shall be two-thirds vote of the Governing Body, providing at least half the body is present. The vote shall be a secret ballot.
The board will meet regularly during basketball season to ensure the efficient operation of the leagues and address any issues in a timely manner.

Officer Responsibilities
The President or League Director shall conduct all meetings and appoint all committees as herein provided, and shall perform all other duties as directed. In addition, shall arrange for and schedule practice gyms on an equitable basis, and reschedule all postponed or suspended games. The President, League Director & Community Level Up Inc shall assume responsibility for the overall operation of the league.
The League Director shall be in charge of registration, tryouts, and submission of rosters to tournament officials. The League Director shall maintain a complete file of all league players and all players eligible for league teams. All players and personnel changes shall be handled through the League Director.

There shall be a regular meeting of the Governing Body at a designated and publicized day, time & place.
Any interested person may attend any regular meeting, but only members of the Governing Body have voting rights.
The order of business shall be:
Call to Order
Unfinished Business
New Business

League Operation

Team Representatives
Each team shall have a Team Representative appointed by the League President. The President is allowed to fill any vacancies.
The Team Representative shall have the right to choose their own Assistant Representative, and ONE Alternate Team Representative subject to approval by the President.
All Team Representatives are required to have a satisfactory background check on file with Community Level Up Inc within the last 5 years.
The only adults allowed on the bench during games are the Team Representative, Assistant Representative, & the Alternate Representative. If someone is not on the roster they are not allowed on the bench.
Compulsory Playing Time
Every player in uniform shall participate in each for a minimum of 50% of game length.
Monitoring of compulsory playing time will be conducted at the scorekeepers table.
Any Team Representative that fails to put a player in for the required compulsory playing time will first be given a warning. If a warning has been given and the coach fails to meet the compulsory playing time again, the coach will be given a 1 game suspension.
All games must be played on regulation type courts, regulation basketballs must be used, baskets must be 10’ high, foul lines must be 15’ from the backboard. 10yrs old and younger have the option to use the 10' line to shoot foul shots.
Game Regulations
Games shall be played in accordance with the most current standard High School rules and will include the three (3) point shooting range.
There shall be one minute between quarters and three minutes between halves.
No zone defense will be allowed in any leagues.
Game shirts or jerseys are to be worn in every game and must include Community Basketball League Logo and sponsor name on back if applicable.
No player is to damage or remove the sleeves of their playing shirt. If a player is wearing a damaged or improper uniform, the player must wear a pinnie provided by the Community Basketball League.
Overtime shall be for three minutes. Clock stops after the two minute mark.
Micro and Junior League games will be composed of four, eight minute running time quarters with the clock stopping the last two minutes of each half unless a team leads by 15 or more points. The clock stopped at foul shots & restarted when the ball hit the rim.
Senior and Teen League games will be composed of two, twenty minute running time half’s with the clock stopping in the last two minutes of each half unless a team leads by 20 or more points. The clock shall be stopped for foul shots & restarted when the ball hits the rim.
Each team is allowed two full timeouts and one thirty second timeout per half. Unused timeouts cannot be carried over to the next half or overtime. Only the standing coach is able to call timeout.
There will be no zone press allowed. Individual coverage press will be allowed unless the team is up 15 or more points in Micro/Junior leagues and 20 or more points in Senior/Teen Leagues. Refs may call a violation technical shot and offensive team possession.

Each player is allowed six fouls.
Only one Team Representative standing during games.
No Team Representative shall keep score in the book of their league.

Team rosters shall consist of no more than ten players per team in all leagues according to the total number of players in each league.
If a player leaves the league it will be the duty of the League Director and Team Representative to see the vacancy is filled within one week. The new player added to the roster must become a permanent member of that team. Any high school players who join the league late due to leaving the high school basketball team must re-enter the draft and be approved by the president.
A Team Representative should notify the League Director if a player misses two consecutive games without notifying a Team Representative. The League Director will verify a player has withdrawn from the league so a player may be moved off the waitlist if available. Subject to approval by the board and President.
Trading of players among teams is not allowed.
There shall be regular season division champions in each girls and boys division. In case of a tie within the divisions there shall be a playoff game to determine division champion (when applicable). The league champion will be determined by the end of year division's playoff tournament.
Sportsmanship and Player Conduct
Team Representatives will be responsible for the conduct of their team before, during, and after the game.
Parents are required to sign a parent code of conduct derived from the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation & USA Youth Basketball.
Disciplinary Technical Fouls
Any player/team representative who receives a disciplinary technical foul (unsportsmanlike) will be suspended from the remainder of the half.

Any team representative that receives two technical fouls will be suspended for the following game. If an altercation is severe the board will meet and decide on the suspension length.
The President shall have the power to resolve any problems dealing with sportsmanship and player conduct. The decision of the President shall be final concerning all parties.
For the 2021-2022 season all players must enter the draft. Moving forward, returning players shall remain on the same team that they played on the previous year, unless board members and president agree - President has the last word. Talent cannot be involved.
Tryouts. A tryout session for each age group shall be conducted. Every person 8-15 yrs old who signed up for the Community Basketball League shall be eligible to try out for their age divisions teams. Each player interested in joining the league must be registered with the League Director to tryout. The try out will consist of passing, shooting, and agility drills facilitated by staff and team representatives. Any player who registers after the tryout date will be put on a waiting list and selected after all tryout participants are placed on teams. Any players not at try out must be approved by the League Director and President.
Player List
There will be a list of all eligible players held by the League Director. This list will include players' names and age.
The player list shall constitute the pool of available candidates for the current season.
No candidate shall be placed on the Player List without providing a birth certificate or other eligibility document that has been presented and accepted by the League President.
Payer Draft
Before the player draft begins the League Director shall announce any options held by the Team Representatives. Team Reps must declare all options to the League Director six working days prior to the draft so they can be approved by the board.
Order determination of draft will be selected by the President & Board.
Once order is determined Team Representatives may pick in order from candidates on the eligible Player List. Each Rep has one pick per round in the same order until all players are selected.
After the final standings board will meet to determine the following year's draft order.
If a Team Representative is not available to make draft selection, the League Director will assign the player to the team.
Any player drafted stays on that team for the remainder of their time in this league.
Optional Players
There are three types of optional players. Only Team Representatives can use player options.
Children of Team Representatives
Children of Team Representatives are automatic 1st round picks if exercised in all leagues. If option is not exercised players are eligible to be drafted by any team. Assistant Representatives children can also fit this rule. Team Representatives must make League Directors aware of children in league prior to league draft.
Siblings of Players already on rosters
Siblings of players on carried over rosters from the previous season are automatic options to their siblings team.
Siblings of players selected during the draft shall be options to their siblings team once one sibling is drafted. Following draft pick will be used for siblings.
The League Director will explain all siblings' rules prior to the draft taking place.

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