Volleyball League

Volleyball League

League information and Registrations

League Info

Apr 17 – Jun 5, 2021


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Sierra Bicentennial Park


League Dates:
-April 17th: Seeding Tournament
-May 1st: 1st League Game
-May 15th: 2nd League Game
-May 29th: 3rd League Game
-June 5th: Championship Tournament

-Teams will be placed in the order they registered. (Ex: If Naga VBC registers 1st, they would be in the number one spot).

-When the Seeding Tournament is complete, teams will be re-evaluated according to their records.

-Pool play, location and rules will be sent out after registration is complete. HEADS UP! Rules will most likely be Asian rules. (Ex: No over hand sets on a serve and no hard hits).

-Jerseys are required to keep track of players that are team hopping and rosters will be enforced.

-Lastly, each team is allowed only 12 players.

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