League Guidelines

Added by Adam Plamondon


Stick Throwing: Throwing of a stick during a game including over the boards will result in an instant Game suspension. The player will also incur a 5 min Major Penalty.

Fighting: Will not be tolerated in the league at all. Players engaging in fighting will be ejected from the game and face the match committee which could include further game suspensions. 

Abuse of an official: Abusing an official/referee will not be tolerated and will incur a 5 min major penalty which is left to the referee / official’s discretion. For more serious incidences these will move to the match committee to review. 

Bullying: Bullying of an induvial or group will not be tolerated and will result in permeant league ejection.

Referees: It is mandatory that both referees wear chest mounting GoPro’s during each game. Each referee is allowed to make calls on the ice. At the end of every game the referees must notify the score keeper of their 3 best players on the ice for the awards night.

Incidents on ice: Any incidents that occur on the ice can be reviewed by the match committee and could result in suspensions.

Checking: Perth Summer League Ice Hockey is a non-checking league. This doesn’t mean that there is no contact during games.

Minimum players: Each team must produce 6 players during games. If a team has a fill in that team will automatically be marked down as a loss.

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