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Waiver Hold Harmless Agreement

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I understand that participation in the sport of Pickleball and in the Play It Forward Pickleball League may result in physical injury and/or property damage to myself, other participants, and/or non- participants, resulting from intentional or unintentional acts.
For good and valuable consideration, which I hereby acknowledge, of my being allowed to participate in the Play It Forward Pickleball League and play competitively on courts of various communities and clubs other than my own, I, the undersigned, by signing this Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement, hereby agree to waive my right to any legal action, except in instances of negligence, against and to hold harmless the Play It Forward Pickleball League, its Officers, Board of Directors, Captains, commissioners and any designated representative of the League, and such communities and clubs, from any lawsuits and/or other actions brought or taken against any or all of them as a result of my participation in the Play It Forward Pickleball League as a player, officiator, observer or attendee at any sanctioned Play It Forward Pickleball League match or function.
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