Recreation Tournament Rules

Recreation Tournament Rules
November 20 & 21 2021

In all cases, these tournament rules will take priority in tournament affairs. Those circumstances not covered by these rules will be covered by JLYSSL rules. The Tournament Coordinator will be used to solve any possible conflicts in rules

Reporting Game Scores: U12, U14 and U16 to Tournament Coordinator 510-725-7963
Both Coaches must text in the Game Score immediately after the game to the Tournament Coordinator. Scores need to be communicated immediately so that the Division Standings can be determined for upcoming games. Text in Scores identifying Flight, Team Name with Score and any Yellow or Red Cards and any Cautions or Send Offs.

Please use this format:
U12 Girls Gold: Red Robins 3 – Blue Birds 2 – No yellow or red cards – Coach Pep Guardiola

Text Scores to Tournament Coordinator: 510-725-7963

USYSA Player Passes as used for the Regular Season (properly validated for the current season) will be required for all Players and Coaches. This includes Guest Players. No Card No Play
EVERY PLAYER must have a properly completed medical release form at the Tournament at all times.

Guest players or combined teams are Allowed and Encouraged for all age groups. The Guest Player Rule is allowed to be sure Teams will have Full Rosters for all games throughout the Tournament. The Guest Player Rule should not be used to increase the level of competitiveness for teams coming into the tournament. No Competitive Class or NorCal Players can play. Coaches are asked to honor the Spirit of the Guest Player Rule.

Good sportsmanship will prevail always. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of all coaches, their players, parents and spectators. “Showing dissent by word or action” (Law 12) by Players or Coaches to any Referee decision will lead to a Caution and then a Send Off. Based on severity the incident this can lead to immediate Send Off.

The JLYSSL rule where a player is removed by the coach after a 4 Goal Differential is in place during this tournament. Coaches not following this rule will first be warned; after that they will be cautioned, resulting in the loss of a Tournament Point.

The Home Team is the one that is shown first on the schedule. In Championship games the home team is the team with the highest points. Traditionally the Home Team wears Jersey’s with their Team Colors. Away Teams wear White. If Teams show up with similar colors the Home Team should change Jersey’s. All final decisions are up to the Referee.

Game balls will be provided by the Home Team. The referee may choose to use a ball provided by the visiting team if the balls furnished by the Home Team are inadequate.

Team / Spectator locations
The Two Teams Players and Coaches will take one side of the Field and the Spectators will take the opposite side of the Field. Only Adults with a valid Coaching Card will be allowed on the Team Side of the Field. Spectators must remain on the Spectator Side of the Field and must not be at either end of the field behind the Goals. Final Decisions for Team/Spectator locations are up to the Referee.

No Dogs are allowed on any field or on the sidelines of any field.
Turf Fields: Only Water is allowed on any Turf Field. No Food or flavored drinks.

All games must start and End on time. Except for the Semi Finals and Championship Games, the referees are instructed not to add time. Please have your team ready for check in at least 20 minutes prior to game time. Playing time will be deducted for any game running over the scheduled Ending Time

Coaches will be the first to assess any injuries. Any Coach, Player or Parent can make a decision to call 911 whenever they feel it is warranted. No one can override anyone’s assessment to call 911.

Medals will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams in all Divisions for U12, U14 and U16.
Participation medals are awarded to all U10 players.

Each Half will be 5 minutes shorter than the Regular Season Times
Championship Games times will not be reduced

U10 games = 2 x 20-minute halves

U12 games = 2 x 25-minute halves: Championship Games = 2 x 30-minute halves

U14 games = 2 x 30-minute halves: Championship Games = 2 x 35-minute halves

U16 Games = 2 x 35-minute halves: Championship Games = 2 X 40-minute halves

No additional time will be added to preliminary games.
For Semi-Finals and Championship games for U12, U14 and U16 there will be two five-minute overtime periods if needed. These O.T. periods are Golden Goal (the game is over when a goal is scored.), and if necessary, OT will be followed by penalty kicks to determine a winner.

Each U10 team will play three games. No standings will be kept, and there will be no Championship game for any of the U10 Divisions.


4 and 5 Team Divisions: Round Robin Format
Each team will play every other team in the group in a round robin. Accumulated points* determine 1st and 2nd place. Ties will be broken as described below. There will be NO Championship Game.

6 Team Divisions: Combination Round Robin – Single Elimination Semi-Final and Championship Game
2 Flights of 3 Teams. Two games on Saturday are within the 3-team flights. Sunday morning games are Semi-Finals - #1A team vs. #2B team and #1B team vs. #2A team. Winners proceed to Championship Game. Ties are to be broken as described below. The # 3A team plays the #3B team to determine 5th place.

7 Team Divisions: will be organized by the JLYSSL Match Secretary.

8 Team Divisions: Combination Round Robin – Championship Game
2 Flights of 4 Teams. The two games on Saturday and one on Sunday morning are within the 4 Team flights. Accumulated points determine 1st place within the 4-team flights. The winners of the two flights play in the Championship Game.

POINT SYSTEM for U12, U14 and U16 Divisions:
Six (6) points for a Win
Three (3) points for a Tie
Zero (0) points for a Loss
One (1) point for each goal scored up to a maximum of 4 per game

The maximum a team can earn in one game is ten (10) points

One (1) point will be deducted for each caution received by a Coach.
Two (2) points will be deducted for a red card received by a player
Four (4) points will be deducted for a dismissal of a Coach, or any other non-players associated with the team.

If a tie exists in Game Division Won-Tie-Loss Standings the following tiebreaker rules will be employed:

  1. The team that won in a head-to-head game.
  2. The team with the most Tournament Points.
  3. The team that allowed the fewest goals scored during preliminary games.
  4. The team that scored the most goals, up to a maximum of 4 per game.
  5. The team with the fewest red cards
  6. Penalty Kicks per FIFA rules

**Semi-Final and Championship games: If a tie exists upon completion of regulation play, the teams will play two (2) five-minute Golden Goal overtime periods. If a tie still exists after overtime, the winner will be decided by Penalty Kicks per the FIFA Rules.

If a team is not ready to play within 5 minutes after the scheduled start time, the game will be abandoned. In this case the team will forfeit the game by a score of 0-2. If the game is terminated by the referee for some other reason during the first half (usually a deterioration of weather or field conditions), the game will be declared a 0-0 tie regardless of the actual score at the time.

If the game is terminated by the referee after the first half has been completed, then the actual score will be used. If in either half, one coach has decided to forfeit the game and to not allow his players to continue to play, the score of the game will be decided by the Tournament Chairman.


NO PROTESTS WILL BE ALLOWED. Tournament Officials will resolve any situations not covered by these rules. Contact the Tournament Coordinator, Sam Hustis at 510-725-7963

All Disciplinary issues are to be forwarded to the Tournament and Disciplinary Committee Chairmen as soon as possible so an appropriate decision can be made regarding the penalty to be administered. Players that are sent off (red carded) or coaches that are dismissed will be suspended for at least the next Tournament game. Disciplinary actions can carry over from the Tournament into the subsequent Spring and Fall Seasons. The Referee should obtain the ejected coach’s or player’s pass from the referee and not return it to the coach after the game but arrange to get it to the Discipline Committee Chairman. For players or coaches sent off on Saturday, the referee must send a report to the JLYSSL Referee Coordinator and the Tournament Chairman that same day.

Sam Hustis: Tournament Coordinator - 510-725-7963

Updated 10/29/21

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