Tournament Announcement

2021 JLYSSL Recreational Tournament
November 20 &21

Eligibility: This year All Recreation Teams are Eligible. No Affiliated Referee Credits needed. Be prepared to get an Affiliated Referee for your Team next Season.

3 Games Minimum for all Teams. U12, U14, U16 Teams should be prepared to play up to 4 Games depending on their Division’s Format.

We will be working with Teams and Clubs to combine U9 and U10 Teams to participate as a U10 Team.
We will be doing the same for U11 and U12 Teams to combine to participate as a U12 Team

  • U10 plays a 3 Game Jamboree format with no Division Standings recorded and all players receiving a Participation Medal.
  • U12, U14 and U16 will keep standings with Medals going to First and Second Place Teams. There will be various formats used for different Divisions to track standings based on how many teams sign up for the Tournament.

Games will be played on the current fields used by Jack London Youth Soccer League.

Games will be scheduled anytime between 8am to 6pm and on any field on both Saturday and Sunday. Teams will need to have a full roster to play at any time on any field throughout the weekend. A Full Roster means enough players to start and finish every Game. No specific number. Teams can not withdraw after the schedule is posted as this will negatively impact other Teams and Division Standings significantly.

Game length will be reduced 5 minutes for each Half. Games Must End at the posted time on the Schedule so all games can be completed before dark. Only Semi-Final and Championship Games will play Overtime and Penalty Kicks if needed to determine a winner.

Guest Players are allowed and encouraged. This will help assure you have players to play at any time and any field. Teams that decide they will not play in the Tournament can now have individual players that do want to play join another Team. Two Teams may decide that the only way they will have enough players throughout the weekend is to combine into one team. Do be careful not to get so many guest players that many will be sitting on the bench for most of a game.

  • Guest Players can only come from other Recreation Teams.
  • Guest Players must have their current Player Card at each Game
  • Guest Players can only play for one Team participating in the Tournament.

Teams must have a Coach with an Active Coach’s Card at every Game. If the Head Coach needs to miss a game be sure your Assistant Coach has a valid Coach’s Card

Flighting: We will do our best to match teams of equal strength within each Division. This is always difficult and may be even more difficult this year. Comparing records will not be as accurate this year and the use of Guest Players always changes the strength of teams both up or down. We will be asking Coaches to be aware of any mismatches early in each Game. We are encouraging Coaches to use some creative coaching strategies that still challenge your players to play their best but will keep scores from getting out of hand. We will send some of these Coaching Strategies later.

Coaches and Referees will be required to call in their game score immediately after their Game so it can be posted online. Game Scores will decide when and where another Team will play their upcoming Game.

Tournament Schedule: The Tournament Schedule should come out by Monday November 15th. Changes may still happen to your team’s schedule up to game time so have your team prepared to play at any time and any field throughout the weekend. There will be no special scheduling requests accepted for any Team to receive a specific playing time or day. If you are one of the overachievers that are Coaching two Teams you may need your Assistant Coach to be ready to coach any overlapping games.

Registration: Registration Instructions will be sent out by the beginning of next week. Registration will Close on Monday November 8th. This will give you only 2 ½ weeks to determine if you will have a full team ready to play. Please spend this time working with your Assistant Coaches and Team Managers to get solid commitments from Parents and Players that they will be able to play throughout the weekend. Ask Parents to check their own calendar before committing. It’s amazing the number of events and commitments parents don’t remember they have made until the Friday night before the Tournament. Once the Schedule is made Teams can not pull out of the Tournament as this will negatively impact other Teams to have a full Tournament experience and negatively impact Division Standings.

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