Registration for Co-Ed Doubles pair

Registration for Co-Ed Doubles pair

The tournament will include all beach rules. Check in at 2pm, Captains meeting at 2:15pm.

Tournament Info

Apr 17


2:30 – 8:30 PM


1103 Clark St, Brownwood, TX 76801


This event will be a one-day co-ed sand volleyball doubles tournament. Each team must have a female and male in order to participate. Shirts will be given to all teams (2 per team).

Replica balls will be used for warm ups, games and as prizes for runner ups at the end. Pro tour balls will be given as first place prizes which are much more expensive and durable.

For pool play, each game will be one set to 21. Every 7 points teams will switch sides. For playoffs, games will be best 2 out of 3 sets. First 2 sets are to 21, with the deciding set to 11.

Three touch max on your side, supinated open hand contact allowed (no carries), cannot hit the ball twice (accidental double contacts are allowed, ie. one continuous motion). Obvious net violations will be taken seriously to avoid injury (called by scorekeeper). Any net violations that are not noticeable will be up to the player who touched the net to call themselves. Under the net violations that interfere with play will also be called (contact with another player or ball in play). If the ball hits an antenna or pole it will be considered out and a dead ball. Any ball that travels outside the fenced area will be considered out of play and will be encouraged for players do not pursue those balls for the sake of safety. Players will not be able to use separated hands on a serve, or a soft hit ball. Players will also not be able to tip with an open hand nor have double contacts on sets (more than two rotations of the ball in the air). Blocks will count towards their three touches as well.

1st place: New pro tour ball
2nd place: Replica tournament ball

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