Anime Club

Anime Club

6th-8th Grade

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Jan 12 ā€“ Mar 2, 2021


4:05 ā€“ 5:00 PM


Elkridge, MD

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Do you like anime? Do you like learning about new cultures? Do you like to read graphic novels or watch animated shows/movies and want to explore a new form of it? The Anime Club is the perfect place for you! We will be OPEN-MINDED INQUIRERS as we explore Japanese animation and graphic novels. We will have a chance to watch anime, read manga, and discuss anime/manga throughout the ECA. We will dive deeper into the stories; examining different literary elements and storytelling techniques that is done through animation and drawing styles, as well as do fun activities related to anime.
TA Cost: $45
AGES: 5th ā€“ 8th grade
LIMIT: 10 students

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Tarbiyah organizes excellent community events that are educational and fun. The school also has an excellent staff and administration and provides a wonderful nurturing environment for the kids.

Shahana P

Tarbiyah is an amazing school. The teachers and staff are exceptional. The quality of education is outstanding. And alhumdullilah the Islamic values being taught are perfectly aligned with our family/personalities. So grateful to be a part of this phenomenal community.

Sabeen S

Alhamdolillahi for having TA.šŸŒ¹ TA is amazing!! Everyday now and then a new and advanced, high-standard techniques are implemented to better our children education!! I had 3 of my kids in different levels since TA started. And I wish they would add a middle school class to the school. Iā€™m very grateful to have had my kids in TA!!šŸ’„šŸ’„šŸ’„

Amal A

An all-around phenomenal school.

Yasine D

Our children love these events and so do we. They're mentally stimulating and facilitate growth. Thank you for all the effort, TA!

Imran S

Always great activities from TA. Our son loves the extra-curricular activities and is always talking about what he did after school!

Shahbaz J