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Each court has a guest referee to help with the contentious decisions. BUT please self-referee your own games. A guest referee from another team will join, but only for debatable line calls and foul decisions/arguments between teams. Avoid harassing the referee every decision. Referee your own team and own up to a foul if you commit them.

• Before each match, captains quickly decide court sides and kick-off.
• Kick-off from the center at the start and after every goal.
• Kick-ins from the side. Ball MUST BE touched with hand or stationary ON the line before kick-in. Once the ball is on the line, you have 4 seconds to take your kick.
• If ball touches the top net = kick-in from the side
• 3 meters of space between sideline ball and opponent players.
• If the ball goes out the back-line, the keeper can throw the ball from the goal area only.
• Keeper cannot throw the ball directly (first bounce) into the opponents' goal area.
• No back-passes. You may pass the ball to the keeper anytime, but the keeper cannot pick up the ball with their hands from their own player. 1st time offence = direct free kick (3m to wall). 2nd time+ offence = PK
• Keeper may play anywhere, including outside the goal area, but teams cannot switch keeper until play stops (see substitutions).
• Goals can be scored from anywhere, by any player on the court.
• Goals cannot be scored directly by sidekicks, throws or corners. However, deflections count as goals.
• No off-sides.


• Unlimited substitutions, ONLY when play has stopped. Announce to the referee when play stops (ball goes out, foul). 5 seconds to substitute.
• Unlimited keeper changes during a match, but only when play is stopped. Announce the change to both teams. 5 seconds to substitute.

【Dangerous play and Penalties】

• NO SLIDE TACKLES, sliding is okay to block (not in direction of a player), collect the ball or pass, but not for tackling into a player.
• PUSHING is a foul. Ideally hands and elbows shouldn't be a part of the game, but it does happen. Use of shoulders and shielding the ball (hands and arms lower than head height is usually fine). Obvious strong pushes, 2 handed, or any use of the arm to injure another player is a free kick. Severe or repeated cases = stop playing that day.
• HANDBALL = direct freekick.
If keeper or a player uses hands to block a shot (even if not on target) or a clear assist to a goal scoring chance = PK!
• Sportsmanship. Aggressive, threatening or irresponsible players will be stopped from playing. This includes behavior on and off the field.
• If other dangerous play or repeated fouling occurs - the referee may give a direct freekick or send a player off for that match.

【Direct free kicks + Penalty】

All fouls/offences = direct free kick
• 3m between opponent and ball
• Quick free kicks can be taken (referee's discretion whether to allow it)
• Fouls within the keeper’s area = PK

【Points】 W = 3 D = 1 L = 0

If Points Tied > Goal difference will be counted > Then number of wins.


Timers are located at sides of the court. A final whistle from YOUR referee will signal the end of the game.
No last plays. Goals are disallowed if the ball did not cross the line before the whistle.
Games time INCLUDES the team changeover time, so leave and enter the field quickly.

【Injuries, etc.】

If there is an injury or an incident, take the player(s) off the field ASAP and continue the game. Ice is available at the 4F desk.

If major injury (ambulance) - stop the game of course and get help! Please look out for each other and the opposition team. Most teams know each other, you know this!

We unfortunately cannot give any extra game time in the case of time lost through injuries, etc.

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