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  • Page will refresh, then when you scroll down below the standings for the division in which that team plays, you will see just that team's schedule.
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For 2020 We were able to schedule only 5 matches/team in Mixed League, but were able to schedule 6 matches/team for Mens and Ladies League

Carefully Check your team name; some are very similar especially:

  • Fuhgetabocce & Fugetaboutit in Men's League and there is also a Fuhgetabocce team in Mon Mixed League
  • "Bocce BAWLERS & Bocce BRAWLERS" and "DeBocceRy &Total De Bocce Ry" in Mixed League

TUE MIXED LEAGUE: We were asked to skip the Annual meeting on Tue Jan 14 and St. Patrick's Day on Tue Mar 17, so we had to "steal" a Thursday Night from Men's League so Tue Mixed group will play on Thu Jan 16 instead of Tue Jan 14.

MON MIXED LEAGUE: A team had to disband AFTER team registration was closed, this left us with an uneven number of teams for Mon Mixed. This means that in Division 3, the Fuhgetabocce Team will have to play a 6th match against the La Famiglia team on Mon Mar 9 so that La Famiglia plays 5 matches. Captains will be contacted with more information.

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Print "bug" Playpass apparently wants you to sign in to print, we have notified them that this is undesirable. However, you can use your device's screen capture capabilities to workaround this to capture a single team's schedule.

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