Please take a moment to read through the basic rules so that you can enjoy your time playing this summer

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This is a recreational bocce league for those involved in the Wrighter Lake Community.

-Each team will play 7 matches, consisting of 2 games. It should take you 60 minutes to play 2 games.

-The winning team will receive 1 point, the loser 0 points.

-The winning team is responsible to posting the scores to the website.

-One member of a team will be at each end of the court for game 1, then switch ends of the court for game 2.

-You must throw the pallino and the bocce ball from behind the white line. The pallino must be thrown at least half way down the court, past the blue line. If the pallino hits the back wall on the initial throw, the other team them gets to throw the pallino onto the court. You must have at least one foot in the court when you throw the bocce ball.

-The team that throws the pallino goes first and throws one ball in an attempt to get as close to the pallino as possible. The second team then throws next. Which ever team's ball is FURTHEST way from the pallino throws next until one of their bocce balls is now the closest. Once all 8 balls have been thrown, the team with the most of their balls closer score points, up to the max of 4 points.

-If you do score all 4 points on a throw, you have earned a Schnieke and the right to ring the Schnieke Bell. Please forward the number os Schneike's to the league administrator. An award will be given at year end.

-The game is over once a team scores 13 points. Once this happens, switch ends and play game #2.

-If a bocce ball hits the BACK wall, it is removed from play and disqualified. If the pallino is pushed and comes in contact with the back wall, simply replace it to the spot where it was last.

-If you can not determine whose ball is closer, please use the can and string to measure.

-Finally, always have fun.

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