Smoky Mtn SHOWdown PS4

Smoky Mtn SHOWdown PS4

Online H2H League. Read rules before registering.

League Info


• PS4. Games are played as online friendlies; this is not an MLB Show 20 Online league.
• The team you choose at the beginning is your team for the entire season.
• Default rosters must be used.
• Team Draft: Every player will choose a number from 1-30 at registration. Once league is set, commissioner will randomly generate those numbers to decide draft order.
• Pitching and Hitting Difficulty: All American
• Innings: 4
• Home team sets up game.
• Commissioner will post games in Facebook Group. Use comment section to setup a time to play.

• How to setup a game:

  1. Add your opponent as friend on PS4.
  2. Once opponent accepts; press “Quick Menu” (Touchpad) and choose “Friends List”.
  3. Choose opponent’s PSN from list to send invite.
  4. Once opponent accepts, setup game with all default setting, except innings. a. Innings: 4
  5. Start Game
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