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Softball Tournament 2021
Sporting Event Waiver & Release


In signing this Waiver and release, I understand the intent thereof, and I hereby agree to release from responsibility and waive all claims against the Angels in the Outfield, event organizers, event sponsors, cooperating organizations, and any other parties connected with this event in any way, or person, singly or collectively, for any blame or liability, demand, injury, harm, loss of property, or damage I might sustain as a result of participation in the Awareness Softball Tournament and activities associated therewith. I fully accept and assume all risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages I incur as a result of my participation in this event. I agree to; No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use. It will not be permitted! This is a KID FRIENDLY event profanity will not be permitted! All Umpires and/or the Tournament Director have full discretion. ZERO TOLERANCE!! I certify that I have read this waiver, fully understood that I have given up substantial rights by signing this waiver, and have signed this waiver freely of my own will and accord. I confirm that the information provided to be correct. I give full permission for the use of my name and photograph in connection with this event.
There is a no refund policy as this is a fundraiser. All monies collected will be considered a donation.

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