ARHL-MT League Rules

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-1. ARHL-MT is a privately owned/operated league, sanctioned by USA Roller Hockey. All players are required to have a current USARH membership submitted to the League Director prior to League play.

-2. ARHL-MT is a NO CHECKING LEAGUE. Appropriate measures must be taken to avoid contact with another player during League play. If a player is observed deliberately checking another player, he/she will be immediately ejected from the game. If a player is found guilty of checking on two separate occasions, they will be removed from the League. No questions. No excuses. No refunds.

-3. The rink has a strict NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL policy. If a player is found smoking, or found to have alcohol on property, said player will be removed from League play immediately. No second chances. No excuses. No refunds.

-4. All vehicle parking must be in the parking lot, NOT at the rink. If you do choose park at the rink, you will be promptly asked to move your vehicle. If you refuse, you will not be allowed to play in any League games until the vehicle is moved.

-5. Players/teams are responsible for cleaning up after themselves/their teams. Benches must be clear of bottles, tape, trash, etc. before the next game is scheduled to begin.

-6. No late registration is accepted after week 3 of league play.

-7. No subs are allowed in playoffs.

-8. You are only allowed to sub within the league in THREE GAMES. We will be keeping track.

-9. No team submissions will be allowed.

-10. Unregistered, out-of-league subs will be charged $10/game. They are allowed a max of 6 total games. Insurance through USARH IS REQUIRED.

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