T70+ Championships

T70+ Championships

Is your Tencap 70 or above? Would you like a chance to play for Tencap against similarly rated players and propel yourself into the 60s, and who knows... maybe lower? If so, join the T70+ Championships!

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Welcome to the 2021 T70+ Club Compete Championships!

This tennis singles competition is being brought to you by the team behind the members' organized Friday Club Compete at David Lloyd West End, and is open to all men and women players at the club with a Tencap of 70 or higher.

For the 2021 Championships, the format is a round-robin league through October and November, with boxes of between three and five players. The strongest players across the boxes will move through to semi-finals and, of course, finals which will to determine who gets bragging rights for all of next year! The finals will be played before the end of February and establish our 2020 champions.

Here are the rules for these championships

TRACKING THE CHAMPIONSHIPS: All boxes, results and standings will be available on Playpass, a website we use to manage the championships, at www.playpass.com. This is where you can view the latest standings -- but only Championships admin team can enter your results after you've shared them with us (of which more, below).

TIMING: Box matches should be played between October 1 and November 30. Semi finals are to be completed by December 21, with a finals date to be set as soon as the semis are completed.

ARRANGING MATCHES: It is the responsibility of both players to pro-actively arrange matches prior to each round deadline date. We have set up WhatsApp groups for the men's and women's pools. Please contact each other by Direct Messaging using WhatsApp (don't do group broadcasts please!).

MATCH FORMAT: Each match should be two sets with a classic set tie-break if needed (first to seven points, must win by at least two points). Please play a Championship tie-break (won by the first player to ten points, and to win by two points or more) to settle the result if the first two sets end as one set each.

SCORING: We will enter your results in Playpass as total games won/lost across two sets, with a championship tie-break counted as four extra games in favour of whoever wins the tiebreak. So a 6-4, 6-3 result would go in as 12-7. We will also enter all results into Tencap as a Friday Club Compete result, as usual.

REPORTING YOUR RESULTS: Please post your results in your WhatsApp group. We will update the results that you share in WhatsApp to the Playpass website and into Tencap.

REFEREES: This year's Championships are being refereed by Paul Farmer for the men’s draw, and Rob Ernsberger/Dave Ernsberger for the ladies draw. The referees' decision in all matters will be final.

WALK-OVERS: An approved walk-over will be captured as a simple 6-0 result in the box. Requests for walk-overs are not guaranteed to be awarded, particularly where there is disagreement. Mutually agreed walk-overs may also be rejected by the referees, particularly if a walk-over might skew the results of the league unfairly against those who actually played their matches. We will consider walk-over requests where one player can demonstrate three clear and reasonable attempts to set up a match, where the opponent has not responded, not been available to play, or offered reasonable alternatives. Please let your opponent know if you plan to request a walk-over, even if you haven't mutually agreed on what the outcome should be.

FORTNITE RULES: Anyone who has not played one match or more by November 5 will be automatically flushed out of the Championship pools, focusing the competition on the circle of players who are in it to play.

SPORTING CONDUCT: This is a competition. And as a members-run event, these are Championships that belong to all of us, so let's all have fun!

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