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Illness or Injury:
I, parent/guardian of the above-named child, hereby give my permission for his/her participation in Flo Town Kicks Fall 2021 Club Soccer Season as part of San Antonio Super League (SASL) and training activities (to include fitness, events, and trips). This participation form is signed with the understanding that organizers, volunteers, participants, and those involved with Flo Town Kicks will not be held responsible for any sickness or injury that my child, I, or anyone accompanying me may receive while in attendance or participating in any Flo Town Kicks activities (including practices, games, fitness training, meetings, and other events). I agree to hold harmless Flo Town Kicks and all staff and affiliates from any legal action and hold harmless Flo Town Kicks and all staff and affiliates in the case that I, my child, or anyone accompanying me may incur harm or loss as a result of participation or attendance at Flo Town Kicks activities. Flo Town Kicks will participate with the SASL and teams, players, and coaches will be involved with soccer activities under USSSA.

Some common risks associated with participation in the summer soccer select include: exposure to the elements (e.g. heat injuries like heatstroke, sunburn, unmowed grass or the presence of spiky/thorny plants, ants/spiders/and other bugs or animals, etc.); bodily injury due to athletic movements (e.g. strains, sprains, etc.); injuries due to physical contact with ground, objects, or other players (e.g. concussions, fractures, bloody noses, etc.); in addition to other risks associated with organized sports and fitness.

If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in case of injury or medical emergency, I give permission to the Flo Town Kicks volunteers to render first aid or call 911 (at my expense). Insurance per player will be purchased in accordance with USSSA and SASL requirements.

Playing in Higher Age Group:
If my child is younger than the listed age group for the team they are participating, I understand the risks (injury, physical strain, less playing time, older environment, etc.) and allow my child to play in the higher age category.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for accountability of their child during all events, and must immediately pick-up of athletes from Flo Town Kicks events. Volunteer coaches or staff will leave precisely at the time practice ends and will not stay behind for any parents who are late.

I will allow my child to be photographed at Flo Town Kicks events. If not, I will notify the Flo Town Kicks in writing.

Uniforms will be purchased from Healy Sportswear. Delivery is typically 3 weeks from order. Uniform will include at least a jersey and shorts, and usually includes socks and a small soccer bag depending on the package purchased. Parents or guardians are responsible for ordering the correct size uniform, or else families will have to purchase additional uniforms at their own expense. Please consult the Healy Sportswear sizing chart. Flo Town Kicks can give advice, but families are responsible for the final choice of size and will not receive any refund if the size is too big or too small, regardless of Flo Town Kicks input. Flo Town Kicks will make a reasonable effort to support families who have to repurchase uniforms, including coordinating with Healy Sportswear.

There is no guaranteed refund for the program. There is no refund for participants who are unable to participate for any reason; including but not limited to (COVID-19 or illness, change of address, travel, injury, personal choice, etc.). However, Flo Town Kicks is committed to using donated funds for the community and will consider the possibility of refunding money if SASL or USSSA don’t allow a full season for whatever reason (i.e. if the season is cut short by the league). The possible refund would be prorated, not include a refund for purchased uniforms, and based on a number of factors; including but not limited to (treasury budget, how many games were left, whether an alternative program could be initiated, how much the refund would be, etc.).

Mandatory COVID-19 Notices:
There is an enhanced risk for anyone age 65 or older being in direct contact with athletes for 14 days after participating in a sport event or practice. Parents should monitor the health of their children and not send them to participate in sporting activities if they exhibit any symptom of COVID-19, nor should anyone exhibiting symptoms participate or attend.

COVID-19 Health Guidelines:
These COVID-19 guidelines are superseded by USSSA and SASL guidelines. COVID-19 is more likely to be contracted by being large groups, so participation is at your own risk.
Players with COVID-19 or in direct contact with someone with COVID-19 will be required to quarantine 10 days. Additional COVID-19 precautions will be available as the season approaches (depending on the community health situation). The league intends to play the season unless forced to by city ordinance, public health officials, or some other unforeseen circumstance. There is no refund for anyone affected by COVID-19 because the cost only covers the uniforms.

Field usage is on public property (Masonic Park on 97 East) or private property (Sacred Heart Fields on 3rd St) not owned by Flo Town Kicks, so practices, games, and other events are subject to change depending on availability. Flo Town Kicks will be renting fields in San Antonio for game days, so all games will likely be played in San Antonio and likely on Saturdays.

Participation Policies:
All players should use the bathroom prior to arriving to practice. Volunteer coaches and staff will not accompany any players to the bathroom. If a player needs to use the bathroom, they'll be directed to see their parents, unless they're of age to use the bathroom on their own. The bathroom facilities at Masonic Park are responsibility of the city, and may or may not have the needed toiletries. There is no supervision whatsoever for athletes using the restroom, so parents should remain at the fields to help their children safely cross over to the bathroom and back to the fields. The fields are public, so anyone may be in the bathroom, which is younger players should only go with their parents.

Players MUST WEAR SHINGUARDS during soccer practice. PLAYERS WITHOUT SHINGUARDS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TRAIN. This is a safety issue. It's recommended that athletes wear cleats and athletic clothes. Players can wear running shoes and athletic clothes for fitness.

There is NO WATER SOURCE at the practice fields, Sacred Heart (primary) or Masonic Park (alternate). Players should bring plenty of water or a hydration source, especially because it's very hot during the summer. The temperature may be over 100 degrees, so the athletes will need to rehydrate. Flo Town Kicks will not provide any hydration source, it's the sole responsibility of the players and families to bring enough water for an entire training session.

Players should bring their own soccer ball. Players may attend practice without their own soccer ball, but they will miss out on critical individual training skills and drills. Players without their own ball will not be given a ball from any other player to share, since the player who brought their ball should have the full benefit of individual skills and drills training. Players 2009 and older should bring size 5, and all others may bring a size 4. It's not a big deal if a player brings a different size ball, because what is most important is that they bring a ball.

SASL plans to have an 8 week season. Flo Town Kicks is a participating club, and doesn’t control many aspects of the season, including the schedule. Generally, training will occur between 5pm to 8pm with two teams training per one hour increment.

Flo Town Kicks is legally a non-profit entity in Texas, dedicated to the growth and enjoyment of soccer for players and families in Floresville, Texas and surrounding areas. Coach Rafael Campos is the director in charge of the training, a D Licensed US Soccer Coach and student of the FC Barcelona methodology. Several assistant coaches will be helping with the training, and those coaches will likely coach games.

Training schedules and games are subject to change based on league, coach and player availability, and other factors.

Interaction with coaches: Due to the limited time available to train the players, parents are asked not to approach coaches during training. Please don't get involved with the practices and don't give input unless specifically requested. Parents should wait 24 hours after a game or practice to contact coaches in order to let emotions settle if there is a confrontational issue.

Additional waivers and proof of age information is required for player participation. Coaches are required to complete training, so the teams require trained coaches who have passed background checks.

Families responsible for Coaches:
If a coach is unavailable for the team before the season begins (not including Coach Rafael, so it has to be someone other than Coach Rafael), then players will receive a refund that doesn't include cost of ordered uniforms. At this time we have coaches for every team. We can only play if teams have coaches other than Coach Rafael. If any coach becomes unavailable during the season, the team will need a new volunteer coach, likely a parent or relative, in order to continue. There will be no refund for a team that loses a coach for any reason. Families will be expected to find a coach who can fulfill the requirements to continue the season. Coach Rafael will likely not be available to coach games or Thursday training, so assigned coaches or replacement coaches will be responsible for those duties. QUALIFIED COACHES ARE A REQUIREMENT FOR THE SEASON, ANY LOSS OF A COACH MUST BE REPLACED AND WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PARTICIPATING FAMILIES.

Playing time is not guaranteed, subject to Coach's discretion. Flo Town Kicks aims to allow players to participate and develop, so any issues with playing time should be directed to Coach Rafael.

Any questions, please contact Coach Rafael.

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