Covid-19 Requirements

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  • If a player does not feel well, has a mild temperature, or has been in contact with someone who has been exposed to Covid19 in the past 14 days prior to a bocce match, they should plan to not play bocce and should notify their team captain immediately.

  • A ½ hour will be added between matches to allow for sanitization time between matches and turnover of players from the area to eliminate congestion

  • There will be no gathering of teams prior to or after play

  • Social distancing will be a priority and seating will be marked for bocce team players

  • Masks will be required by those engaged in active play around the bocce courts

  • Eating will not be allowed while playing; drinks will be allowed while seated between player turns

  • All players must sanitize hands before beginning play

  • Captains will bring their own coin for coin tosses

  • Players will play with two marked bocce balls that they only touch during play; balls will be sanitized before additional players rotate in

  • Two pallinos will be used alternatively per match, each being disinfected before being thrown

  • Specific assignments will be made at the beginning of a match so only one assigned person touches the score board, ball retrievers, rakes, etc.

  • All chairs, balls, scoreboard, rakes, ball retrievers, etc. will be disinfected before each match.

  • Players will bring their own towels for use during games

  • Points will be awarded alternatively to each team for situations that previously required measuring (i.e.: team A will be awarded a point the first-time captains cannot agree on which ball is closest to the pallino, team B will be awarded a point the next time captains cannot agree on which ball is closest to the pallino)

  • Outside gathering of those wanting to observe bocce ball play will be limited and restricted

  • Teams with players who do not comply with Corvid guidelines during Bocce play will forfeit their match to the opposing team

  • All playing bocce will be asked to privately report Covid infections to league coordinators. Contact tracing will be done and anyone who may have been exposed to Covid during bocce matches will be notified.

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