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Glen Eagle – Bocce Rules for 2022

All players must be owners or renters of Glen Eagle property; visiting friends, family or guests are not
allowed as substitutes. Each player will contribute $10.00 (nonrefundable fee), for each team they play
on by signing a form agreeing to pay the fee through club billing. The money will go towards awards at
the end of the season.


  1. Each team will consist of 6 players; A team on the court has 4 players maximum (2 stationed at each end of the court) with each player throwing 2 balls alternately. Players are not allowed to switch ends during a game. A team may have one or more substitute players on a team. For mixed couple teams, if a team has an equal number of men and women on a team present, they must play 2 women and 2 men for each game. Each player shall be guaranteed to play one game.
  2. A team must have one player designated as Team Captain. A Team Captain participates in the coin toss and assigns players to their positions on the court for the game. A Team Captain may designate a player as an “End Captain” for the end opposite that of the Captain. Only Captains and players with assigned roles for that game may go on the court.
  3. Teams have 10 minutes from the published start time (or after the previous teams have finished) to present a team with at least 4 of their 6 team members including substitutes if needed; failure to do so will result in a forfeit of all three games.
  4. Teams will have 90 minutes from their published start time to complete their 3 games. At the end of 90 minutes if the games are not complete, Captains will give a 5-minute warning to complete your game. If not completed after the 5 minutes, the team that is winning at that point wins the game. If after the 5 minutes is up and the teams are tied, a Sudden Death roll will occur. The team who would have had the next roll of the Pallino in normal play shall throw the Pallino and first ball. The opposing team shall play one ball. The team that is closest to the Pallino wins the game.
  5. In the event of a rainout or a stoppage in play because of weather conditions, games must be made up within 10 days at a time agreed upon by both Team Captains. Courts can be reserved through the club office. Arrangements will also need to be made so that balls are unlocked. COIN TOSS:
  6. The Captain of the Team listed first on the schedule will provide the coin for the coin toss. That Captain will do the toss, and the other Captain will pick heads or tails. The Team winning the coin toss throws the Pallino and bocce ball first, and the other Team picks the color of the balls. November 9, 2021
  7. If playing the same 4 players on the same team for a subsequent game, players must switch ends between games, and the winning team throws the Pallino to start the next game. Players may be replaced by substitutes; however, a player never plays 2 consecutive games from the same end of the court.


  1. The game begins with the toss of the Pallino. The Pallino is thrown underhand or backhand from behind the foul line. The Pallino may bounce off the sideboards.
  2. The Pallino must (a) pass the center line, (b) stop with the ball at least 12 inches from the side of the court and (c) go no further than the white line closest to the far end of the court. If any of these conditions are not met, the Pallino goes back and the other team will throw to begin the game.


  1. The initial Pallino thrower always throws the first Bocce ball. All balls are thrown underhand or backhand. If the Bocce ball hits the backboard first without hitting another ball or a sideboard, the ball is removed from play and the team throws again until they have a ball in play.
  2. Each succeeding ball is thrown alternately by players on the team that does NOT have a ball closest to the Pallino. A team whose ball ties the opponent’s closest ball must throw again. The game continues with the team farthest from the Pallino throwing until they are closer, or they have thrown all 4 balls. The frame ends when the other team has thrown all 4 balls. One team scores a point for each ball closest to the Pallino. [An additional point is added if the ball is “kissing” (touching) the Pallino--when a dollar bill will not fit between a Bocce ball and the Pallino.]
  3. Balls may be bounced or played against sideboards.
  4. If a player throws wrong color ball, it is replaced with the correct ball after the ball comes to rest.
  5. If a player throws out of turn (when the other team should have thrown), that ball is removed from play.
  6. A Bocce ball, for whatever reason, that goes out of the court is a dead ball and is removed from play for that frame.
  7. Volo shooting (lofting the ball in the air beyond the center line of the court) is not permitted.


  1. Players may step on but not over the proper foul line before releasing the Pallino or Bocce ball. (Toe of foot cannot cross the width of the foul line.)
  2. If a player’s toe goes over the proper foul line before releasing a ball (Bocce or Pallino), they will receive one warning. Ball remains in play. Subsequent fouls will result in nullifying the Pallino throw or removal of the thrown Bocce ball from play if it does not contact any other balls. If the ball makes contact with other balls, play is ended and the opposing team will receive all its points closest to the Pallino, or 1 point if none was closest.


  1. The official score for the frame is determined after all 8 Bocce balls have been played. One point is awarded for each ball of the team that is closer to the Pallino than the opponent’s closest ball.
  2. The team that scores in the last frame throws the Pallino in the next frame and play continues as above.
  3. The Team Captains should bring a dollar bill for kissing balls. (See Item #2 in Bocce Ball Throws.)
  4. If each team’s closest balls are tied according to Captains’ judgment, no score is made, and play continues at the opposite end with the team scoring the point(s) in the previous frame throwing the Pallino.
  5. The team that first scores 9 points, wins the game.
  6. If a team reaches the winning score of 9 and has balls left to play, they must throw the balls at least to the half court line to complete the game. If the ball doesn’t make it to the half court line, the thrower must throw the ball again.


  1. It is the responsibility of each team player to notify their Team Captain if they cannot play a scheduled game. Every attempt should be made to give the Captain 24-hours notice.
  2. It is the responsibility of a Team Captain to obtain a substitute player for any scheduled game in order to have at least 4 players. A substitute list with phone numbers will be posted at the Divot for your convenience.


  1. Players must always remain behind the hitting foul line at all times except the thrower may go out to the center line just prior to throwing to observe the position of the balls on the court.
  2. Players may converse with one another but only on their end of the court.
  3. Players shall not talk or interfere with the thrower on the court prior to the release of the balls.
  4. No player, including the Captain, may go up to the balls and instruct a team player how or where to throw the ball.
  5. To preserve the condition of the court, players shall minimize walking on the court.
  6. After throwing the ball, players move off the court to view results of throw.
  7. Players are not to step on the top of the wood boards when entering or exiting the court.

Losing Team is responsible for raking the court. Winning Team Captain is responsible to enter the scores.
It is strongly recommended that disagreements between Teams should be worked out by the Captains. In the event that this does not happen, the disagreement will be arbitrated by the Rules Committee.

Match: Set of 3 games between two teams at a designated date/time. Matches shall be limited to 90 minutes. One point shall be awarded for each game won.

Game: When one team reaches 9 points.
Frame: One rolling of the 8 Bocce balls from one end of the court.

Pallino: Small white or yellow ball to start the game.

Foul Line: Second white line away from back board

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