Captain Responsibilities

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Bocce Team Captains’ Responsibilities

• Get team members to sign billing form WEEK ONE. Please ask each member to put their member number on the form. Turn it into the office.
• Bring a quarter and a dollar bill with you. The captain whose team is listed first on the schedule flips the coin and the other team calls heads or tails.
o Winners of the coin toss go first; losers pick the color balls they want to play with.
• Captains who are playing the first game of their league (9:00 AM, 2:00 or 3:00 PM) should arrive 15
minutes prior to start of game to set up balls.
• Captains who are playing the last game of their league (12 Noon, 5:00 PM on Wednesday Couples and6:30 PM) must put away the Bocce Balls and lock up the trunk.
• Captains will make the following assignment for the duration of the match:
o Set or assign someone to set a 85-minute timer.
o Assign players to sides of the court.
• Encourage teammates to keep the pace of play moving as quickly as possible. 90 minutes time limit.
• Resolve measurement issues and issues where the rules are not being followed with the opposing team’s captain.
• If your team loses, assign someone to rake the court.
• Captains are responsible for getting their own substitutes if a teammate is unable to play. A substitute list is posted on the Bocce page of the Glen Eagle web site or
• Winning Captain should submit forms by filling out the bocce score form before noon on Friday in order for weekly scores to be recorded.

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