Coach's Code Of Conduct

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Coach’s Code of Conduct
As a head or assistant coach for. Horseheads Small Fry Football we strive to teach each child the positive values of integrity, trust, sportsmanship, accountability and team/personal responsibility. You will also promote teamwork, the value of working towards a common goal and how to win or lose with poise.

• You will have a zero tolerance towards verbal abuse of any kind to players, officials, fans and other coaches.
• The head coaches, from each team are responsible for the field of play conditions i.e. trash, debris and conduct of players and/or fans.
• There is ZERO tolerance for swearing on any filed at any time, including games and practices.
• No drugs, alcohol, tobacco or vapes allowed at ANY Horseheads Small Fry Football game or practice fields.
• In ALL divisions of football, ALL KIDS PLAY EQUAL TIME. We suggest 2 units that can be denoted by team colors i.e. Red Offense, White Offense. Use different names for your defense.
• All linemen MUST have at least ONE hand on the ground pre-snap. A lineman is a nose, tackle and guard.
• Defensive and tight ends can stand up in the Senior division. In Jr. and Intermediate, they can stand on defense if you have 4 or more linemen with a hand down.
• NO jerseys will be given out until ALL the fund raiser monies are turned in. NO ticket money, NO jersey, they cannot play in the game. This includes cheerleaders.
• In the Jr. and Intermediate, no defender can line head up on the offensive center EVER. In the Senior division, its during punts.
• Intermediate division will now play “regular” football. Coaches will not be on the field with their units. That means Intermediate division will have play off and championship games.
• There will be an Intermediate division 60 sec. play clock for offense. Jr. and Sr. divisions at 40 sec.
• For all divisions, there will be a MINIMUM of 3 practices every week. You can practice in the rain as long as there is no lightening.
• We strongly suggest you have at least 3 coaches on each staff. Remember, we’re here to mentor all the kids, not just the “stars”.
• Each head coach is responsible to have transparent communication with the parent/guardian of all kids involved in our league.
• The head coach is the ONLY person that can communicate with the officials PERIOD. You’re also responsible for fan conduct as well as your assistants conduct.
• All ties, stand as is except in the playoffs.
• No coaches will schedule their team party during the first week of November. We’ll be having all-star practices going on and will need your kids and some of you coaches there to assist.
• All team parties need to be completed by December 1. Cheerleaders are included in your team parties. Your responsible to contact the cheerleader head coach and get them involved in the party.

All head coaches will inform the league the date, time and place of your team party before any checks are given out.

The head coach is responsible for the return of all league issued equipment at the end of the season. This can include helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys, pants and cheer to play uniforms.
Any kids looking to play once signups are over will be at the discretion of the league President and Vice President.
They will be assigned to teams on a need basis. Each team is allowed 1 player/coach combo each year. If a current coach has a child that played last year returning, that is allowed. Said team can have 1 other “new” coach/kid combos. The only exception is immediately after the draft, you gain a coach due to you getting the kid.

Pre-Season scrimmages are allowed and encouraged. You must inform the league the date and place of the scrimmage. League rules apply just like game day.

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