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Hot Chess Academy
HOT Chess Academy is dedicated to providing the best quality chess instruction in a professional and courteous manner. Our goal is to provide caring and intelligent chess instruction to children in any environment. Through chess, children learn important skills that will remain useful for the rest of their lives. Concentration, critical thinking, and pattern recognition as well as sportsmanship are all part of the experience that playing chess provides. Chess is also excellent for enhancing social skills. Children are taught to shake hands before and after a game, to show respect for their opponents and to accept responsibility for their actions. When children win chess games, they begin to believe in themselves. In fact, the most important thing chess does for many children is to build confidence. A confident child is a child heading for success. We have a vast amount of experience in chess education, in addition to having competed at the highest levels of chess. HOT Chess Academy works in cooperation with administrators, teachers, parents and counselors to provide a high level of chess instruction to children in various settings.

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