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Houston Bicycle Club
Who can participate in HBC rides? Anyone who shows up at the ride start can ride with us, member or not.� Of course, we would like you to become a member. Where does the HBC ride? Most HBC rides are out west along I-10 or northwest along Highway 290.� We also have several rides to the north and the south.� In addition, we have numerous in-town EZ Rides. What kind of rides do you have? The HBC has a variety of rides.� The most common are the countryside rides where we ride on country roads well outside the city.� We also have EZ rides which are slow paced social rides in town.� There is a group named the Dirty Dozen who ride a century (100 miles) once a month. Orientation rides are for new members and beginners.� These rides have a ride leader. There are also several informal recurring rides that do not have a ride starter. How far and how fast do you ride? Almost every ride has a variety of distances.�� The shortest distances are around 20 miles.� Most people take the 40 mile option.� Good riders will do 60 or more. Choose the distance that is right for you.� Most HBC rides do not have a ride leader.� Everyone rides at their own pace.� Ask around at the ride start to find the people going the same speed as you.� Slow riders ride about 10 - 15 mph.� Most of the club members ride about 15 - 20 mph.� The hammerheads ride even faster.

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