Covid 19 Protocols, Team Rules And Regulations 2022 Season

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Temperature checks will be conducted for every coach and athlete upon arrival.

Everyone is encouraged to wear masks during breaks or periods of non-activity. It is suggested that athletes wear a neck/face gaiter so it can easily be removed while they are actively running.

Athletes and Coaches will adhere to social distancing during practices.

Bags & water bottles should be labeled and kept with parents or in a line spaced out from others.

Parents that want to watch practices should do so from a distance so that athletes have enough space to remain distanced from each other.

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms, PLEASE STAY HOME!


Participants and parents will be required to follow ALL rules. No EXCEPTIONS.

No parental interference while athletes are practicing.

Athletes should eat at least two hours before practice.

NO candy or junk food during the track season.
Athletes are asked to give 100 percent at every practice and meet.

No stealing will be permitted by anyone. Immediate action will take place if faced with this situation.

No violent activity or fighting will be tolerated.permitted on the track.

No gang colors, gang affiliation, gang clothing, gang signs, or weapons.

It is mandatory for parents to attend 14. ALL parent meetings.

All parents/athletes must participate fundraising the minimum amount or paying the team fee to Las Vegas Gators Youth Track Club each season.

All parents MUST volunteer in at least one (1) of the Team Gator hosted track meets. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

No profanity will be tolerated.

Athletes need to be on time and properly dressed for practice and meets.

Flirting and/or public displays of affection are unacceptable.

No athlete will be permitted to practice without proper running attire.

No disrespect in any way toward team members, coaches, or staff of Las Vegas Gators Youth Track Club will be tolerated on or off the track.

Failure to abide by these rules and regulations is grounds for disciplinary actions.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Suspension from team (duration of suspension will be discussed with the team committee).
3rd Offense: Expulsion from the team (parents and athletes forfeit all funds)

I, read the above rules and regulations and agree to follow them as a member of Las Vegas Gators Youth Track Club. We (parent and athlete) fully understand and agree with these terms.

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