Sweat Zone Waiver and Release 2022

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I am in good physical condition and health and have no disability, impairment, or ailment that will
prevent me from, or be aggravated by, engaging in active or passive exercise. I understand that
before beginning any exercise program, I should consult my physician.
I understand all exercises and any use of the Sweat Zone facilities is at my own risk. Should I
sustain any injury as a result of training recommendations or practices imposed by my trainer, I
agree to release and waive, for me and my heirs, any and all rights for claims against Sweat
Zone, its officers, agents and employees for any and all loses and injuries suffered by me at any
time in conjunction with my participation in and use of Sweat Zone facilities.
I understand that even if my trainer is an employee of Sweat Zone, that while training me, he/
she is operating an independent business and is not acting in the course or scope of
employment for Sweat Zone. Sweat Zone does not warrant, nor in any manner guarantee the
skill, qualifications or effectiveness of the trainer. Sweat Zone is not a party to any dealings
between the trainer and client and cannot be heard responsible for any agreements between
trainer and client. Trainer assumes the full and sole responsibility for any and all disputes arising
between trainer and client and agrees to hold Sweat Zone harmless in any such disputes.

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