Rules 2022

Rules 2022

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Please respect the COVID measures in place – remember, you signed a waiver.

  1. There will be 13 players per team. A minimum of 9 players per team is required to play the game, if not that team will lose by default. We have a list of spares to use for missing players. You cannot ask another player from another team to play. If you have 9 regular players, you need to have a spare to go with 10. You cannot have spares in have 11, 12 or 13 players

If there is a default, a +6 will be given to the “winning” team and a -6 will be given to the default team.

  1. If you need to replace a player injured for the rest of the season, please make the request to the league committee. Send the name of the player to be replaced and player you want as a substitute. As per the request the committee will decide if the new player will be accepted.

  2. Three pitches will be allocated per hitter, with a maximum of 6 runs per inning. The 6th inning is considered open therefor 3 outs to end the inning and not 6 runs.

  3. All games will have 6 innings, 3 outs per inning. Please start the game on time. After the second inning, it will be to the umpire’s discretion to let the infield warm up. A maximum of 6 runs per inning and the 6th inning is open.

  4. Each team can hit more than one homerun per game under the Match +1 rule (no team can have more than one (1) homerun than his opponent). The player will not need to run around the bases (walk off).

  5. A ball that hits the top of the fence and falls on the other side will be considered a homerun.

  6. If the ball is hit into the field and is temporarily caught by the fielder and suddenly falls to the outside without touching the ground in the same time will be counted as a homerun.

  7. The runner who crosses home plate must run along the fence without ever touching the plate. If the runner touches home plate, he will be automatically out.

  8. No interference will be tolerated at the plate.

  9. A runner can "tag" the first or second base only when the ball is caught. NO LEADING.

  10. A ball that hits the cage will count as a pitch, if it’s on the third pitch the hitter will be out.

  11. A runner who TOUCHES the line (commitment line) between the third and home plate must keep going and cannot return to third base

  12. If a batter hits the ball in play and the ball hits the opponent then falls outside the field fence it will be consider has a home run (in between the homerun poles). If the ball hit the field and then hit the defending player and goes outside the baseball field it become a automatic double.

  13. Any ball to be thrown outside the field by the defensive team will advance the runner an extra base from when the ball left the field.

  14. No interference is permitted by the pitcher or the hitter will be called out. A hitter will be automatically called out if he accidentally hits his pitcher with a hit ball.

  15. If a runner is hit by a ball that was hit, the runner will be called out…however if there was a defensive play on the ball first, the play continues. For example, first base misses the ball and hits the runner who was going towards second. If the runner is hit by the ball and was still on the base; he is still safe.

  16. The host team "Home-Game" in the first game must prepare the field. The host team "Home-Game" in the second game; picks up the bases, cage and turns off the lights.

  17. Half-swings and Bunts will not be permitted.

  18. No fighting will be tolerated. Individuals involved will be ejected from the game and will have to undergo a review by the committee.

  19. The final inning will be open and the same rules will apply for home-runs (Match +1).

  20. The cage can be moved no more than 5 feet from the pitcher mound. A line must be made by the team that sets the field for the first game.

  21. The balls hit outside the field will be recovered by the hitting team.

  22. In case of disagreement on the field, the game will stop and only the two captains will meet to discuss with the two umpires at home-plate.

  23. There will be seven minutes of grace per game for teams who are missing players to start a game and only if they are 8 or fewer players.

  24. All runners will have the right to slide on base except home plate

  25. Players must be 16 years old to play

  26. Metal cleats are not permitted.

  27. Courtesy runner will only be allowed from the first base. It does not have to be the last out and it can be the same courtesy runner for all 3 occasions.

  28. Only 3 courtesy per game per team allowed.

  29. If there is two out and the hitter hits a pop fly the inning will be over. If there is only one out or less and the hitter hits a pop fly than the runner can tag from second base to home.

  30. All bats must have the approved and legal logos on them. If the bat, even very old, does not have the logo, it is considered illegal and dangerous.

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