Covid-19 Guidelines Agreement

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In order to adhere to best practices for COVID-19, the following guidelines must be enforced for both players, coaches, and spectators. Failure to comply may result in ejection and forfeiture of matches for the day.


  1. All players must wear a mask/face covering at all times when not on the court. Masks MAY be provided but are not required to by the league coordinator(s).

  2. Each player will be provided with a sleeve of balls to use for warm-up as well as both matches. Please refrain to the best of your abilities from coming into contact with your opponent's tennis balls with your skin. Please use your racquet to return the ball(s) back to your opponent whenever possible.

  3. Hand sanitizer is required to be applied before and after your match. Exceptions can be made if a player has a written note from a doctor/physician stating any allergies or skin-related issues using hand sanitizer.

  4. Each player brings their own water/beverage and food onto the court and must not be shared with others. Water will be provided in the event a player does not have their own.

  5. Each player is permitted to designate one individual as their coach, allowing that person the freedom to approach the fence in order to give instruction at the appropriate times.


  1. All coaches and spectators must wear a mask/face covering at all times. All parties must respect social distancing guidelines and be at least 6 feet away from all other parties.

  2. All coaches and spectators must be at least 10 feet away from the court fences. During timeouts or court changes, only coaches are permitted to approach the fence to give instruction.

  3. Coaches are NOT permitted to instruct in between points outside of cheering for/supporting your player in a spectator role.

  4. Spectators are permitted and encouraged to support the player(s) when a point concludes, but must make an effort not to distract the player(s) during the point itself. Please be mindful and respectful of other players, spectators, and coaches.

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