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North County Ultimate
Our group originated nearly 30 years ago playing mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the old Faraday Safety center field. Around 2007 we expanded play to include Wednesdays - in part to thin out the high turnout we were getting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We would get as many as 24 or more for a game on these days! In 2009 we started to get some requests from the players to play on Fridays. The Friday games started off slow but eventually grew to become a normal part of the schedule. Monday was now the only workday in which we didn't play. This ended in the winter of 2010 when we added Mondays to the schedule. Play has occurred on Sundays for over a decade, beginning at Palmquist Elementary school and shifting around to Jefferson Middle School, Calavera Community Park and Harbor Beach. In 2015 we finally expanded our game offerings to Saturday with the beginning of play at Encinitas Community Park (ECP). The first couple games were played at ECP on Saturdays, but we were told by some locals that that day would be difficult due to youth soccer....and that Sunday would be the best day to play there. The leaders of the Harbor Beach game called to switch their game from Sundays at 9am to Saturdays at 9am to accommodate the new Sunday 9am game at ECP. As of Fall 2015 the Sunday morning ECP game has seen excellent turnout ranging from 20-30+ players per day. North County Ultimate now offers play every day of the week; on grass, turf and sand fields; and day and night options (on Mondays). Along with ultimate, we also play mini-ultimate, goaltimate, box, boot and other disc games depending on the day and turnout. We haven't researched the topic, but we think we have one of the longest-running, most comprehensive sources of ultimate play out there. The numbers can vary from day-to-day, depending on the season. The general rule of thumb is that if you want to play, pack your gear and show up at the field. At the least there will be a game of box. The level of our players varies. Many of us are 30 years or older and of varied experience and talents. Some were world-class competitors, some are newbies, and some supplement their diets with Geritol. We also have some young college tournament-level players that come out. All-in-all we are a diverse, laid-back bunch that welcomes newcomers of all levels.

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