San Francisco Kayak & Adventures
Whether you are a veteran outdoor explorer or a city slicker, a Guided Adventure with San Francisco Kayak & Adventures will inspire you to Find Yourself Experiencing Life! San Francisco Kayak & Adventures is unique in the kayaking industry, because we prefer quality over quantity, we only run high touch, small group, Guided tours of usually 8-10 people in high quality, performance, warm and dry, Sit-In-Traditional Kayaks - This is unlike most other local providers that can run 20-25 people on a single tour and often use Sit-On-Top Kayaks. We believe the best way to experience sea kayaking, and the amazing marine wildlife, is by being a part of a very small group with a high-touch boat to guide ratio. Join us for a Guided Bay Area Hiking Adventure, an exciting Social Outing, a Tropical Vacation or a Kayaking* Adventure on the beautiful San Francisco Bay, Sausalito Richardson's Bay or Tomales Bay!


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