Santa Fe Archery
Starting Nov 1st 2012 we will be charging a $25 setup fee to fit you for a bow. If you buy the bow from us it will be credited towards your purchase. Why should you buy a bow from Santa Fe Archery ? Financing for our customers is available through AMOCO Federal Credit Union Its simple, you will be a valued customer. The bow or equipment you purchase from us is our equipment and always will be. We will maintain your equipment for you as long as you own your bow or equipment. When you purchase a bow from us we will do minor tunes, clean your bow, help you sight your bow in and if you need warranty work done and we cannot fix it immediately, we will loan you a bow. You will not miss a hunt waiting on us. We are committed to providing professional archery advice based on years of experience. We offer a variety of new bows as well as repair of used ones at an affordable price. Compare our service and prices to other big name companies and you will see for yourself. Thank you for choosing Santa Fe Archery and Outdoors for all your archery needs.


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