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Santo De Mayo Run
Santo first appeared in the mind's eye of artist Carlos Hernandez, who made a name for himself painting Day of the Dead style paintings for rock bands. The image perfectly epitomizes Saint Arnold's one-of-a-kind black K├Âlsch, a style of beer that technically doesn't exist, that shares Santo's namesake. The beer is light bodied and floral with a fetching dark malt undertone, sweet as a sugar skull and mystic as an ancestral altar. With that rock-n-roll pedigree and a taste like heaven, the saintly Santo deserves his very own celebration! That's why we developed the Santo De Mayo 5K. What's more rock-n-roll than a Cinco de Mayo pre-game fiesta?! Even dead dudes like Santo can drink to that! The race features a USATF certified course starting and finishing at the brewery. After the race, stick around for a fiesta fit for a king. The party features live music, Saint Arnold brews, and more!

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