Slammers wants to provide an uplifting and inspirational experience for all players involved in our program. We teach the fundamentals of the game of baseball. We build each player's confidence and self-esteem through practice and competition, while demanding sportsmanship. We will also hold high expectations for all players to demonstrate values that Slammers believes are important in sports and life; values such as loyalty, integrity, and hard work. Slammers will educate parents and coaches of the tremendous responsibility they have on these young players' lives and the responsibility they have in their development as students and athletes. Youth players need to understand the importance of schoolwork and getting good grades. We stress to our high school players that colleges look at G.P.A. and A.C.T. scores as closely as their athletic skills. The players in the Slammers youth program will be given the same comprehensive training program that our High School Select and Advanced programs use. Each player in this program will get the highest level of instruction from our professional instructors. We also incorporate strength & conditioning into this program.


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