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Sokol Volleyball
We love to train players and have made it our life's passion! Through our long careers, we have come in contact with thousands of young players from all over the country. We have coached teams at all levels from middle school through college, and the one thing we can tell you is this - to be good, you have to be a happy player, and to be a happy player, you have to gain some skill. We both believe in learning the most efficient way of getting the job done, whether you are attacking, setting, digging, passing, blocking or serving. We want you to be the best you can be, and we are confident both in our abilities to get you there and in your ability to discover its challenge. At Sokol Volleyball, our chief goal is to place our players in a fun, yet structured learning atmosphere, where they feel empowered to become better. We coach the total player by addressing the physical needs, as well as the emotional and mental component of learning. We welcome you to our gym, no matter your level of skill or age. Lessons present an arena for you to learn new techniques, and polish the old ones. You can be yourself, and you can try anything. It is a great opportunity to learn, without the pressure of "doing it right." We want to start right where you are and guide you through the steps to success. Let us be your personal volleyball resource "without strings", and watch how fast you will grow!

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