2021 Covid Guidelines

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Participants and Spectators Guidelines:
• Hailey Ice and Sun Valley Company strongly encourages users of the facility who are not vaccinated to wear face coverings as per the most recent CDC recommendations. Once on the ice face coverings do not need to be worn.
• All participants and spectators will enter through the main door and check in at the front desk at Campion Ice House and through the South doors at Sun Valley.
• Physical distancing is strongly recommended.
• Do not enter either facility or participate in any activities if you are sick or have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated and have been directly exposed to COVID-19, please follow all CDC guidelines and get tested prior to your return, or quarantine.
• Any player/participant who is sick will be asked to leave the building.
• Teams/groups must abide by SafeSport and USA Hockey Covid-related safety guidelines, in addition to current CDC, state and local guidelines.
• NO Spectators are allowed to watch sessions.
• High touch areas, locker rooms and benches will be sanitized throughout the day.

Please be kind. We are all in this to keep people on the ice, while also being safe.
The Campion Ice House and Sun Valley Ice rink have the right to refuse service to anyone not adhering to these rules.
Getting ready to skate:
• Players will have access to the facility 30 minutes before their session. Locker rooms will be assigned for your session. We also encourage coming partially dressed to the facility for your session. Locker rooms will have a maximum occupancy of 10 people. Goalies will be given separate changing areas.
• If you are not comfortable in a locker room or there are overflow players during camps, we will have benches available. We do ask that you do not totally dress/undress when on benches.
• Younger players are encouraged to come partially/fully dressed. Mites/Squirts will not have access to locker rooms. There are no locker rooms available for stick and puck.
• Players will have 15 minutes to exit after their skate. There will be no hanging out in the locker rooms after play. No coolers may be brought in and no drinking in the locker rooms. (adults) Please feel free to decompress in the parking lot.
• Once on the ice please be respectful of space even in scrimmages
Please no spitting or nose blowing on the benches!!!!!! If you sneeze please do so into your sleeve.

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