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General Rink Operations Guidelines:

  1. Waivers must be signed by anyone participating in an on ice activity at the Campion Ice House.
  2. Teams/groups must abide by SafeSport and USA Hockey Covid-related safety guidelines, in addition to current CDC, state and local guidelines.
  3. All players must check in. Players will be allowed to enter the arena 15 minutes before their session. Masks are required in the building before and after play. Masks are to stay on until a player puts on their helmet.
  4. Players will enter the building partially dressed. Each team/group entering the facility will be given a specific entrance for their session ( North doors/ South doors main entrance)
  5. Players will can be given Covid protocol questions and/or temperature checks. Any player exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms as defined by the CDC, has been in close proximity of someone diagnosed with CDC, or has been diagnosed with COVID19 will not be allowed to play or enter the facility.
  6. Any player who is sick will be asked to leave the building.
  7. Parents and spectators are asked to limit time in the building.
  8. Teams/group leaders must provide roster for contact tracing.
  9. Please no congregating at the front desk.
  10. Upper Bleachers, the dryland room, and the mezzanine are closed.
  11. Bathrooms will be available for patrons only.

Entering the Rink and getting ready to skate:

  1. Players must arrive mostly dressed 10-15 minutes before your scheduled ice time. Goalies may arrive slightly earlier
  2. Please wait outside away from the doors or in your car until the previous group of skaters has FULLY exited the building, you will be required to check in with Rink staff before being allowed to enter.
  3. Please notify Rink Staff if you need to purchase tape, or laces at check in
  4. No skate sharpening will be done prior to a skate. Player must leave skates AFTER your ice time has ended, and can be picked up before the start of your next session
  5. Once you have been checked in by Rink Staff, you will be directed to benches or locker rooms. Seating on the benches will be sectioned off by tape to meet physical distancing requirements.

Once on the ice please be respectful of space even in scrimmages. If your group uses the player benches we will mark seats with tape. Avoid on ice contact, checking, and body contact.

Please no spitting or nose blowing on the benches!!!!!! If you sneeze please do so into your sleeve.

After the skate

  1. You will have 10 minutes after the end of the skate to get partially undressed and leave the rink for the next group. Sanitizing of locker rooms, benches, and high touch areas occur after every group leaves the building.
  2. The showers will not be available for use.
  3. Please exit the building as quickly as possible, no loitering is permitted.
  4. Once the entire group of skaters has exited the building, we will allow the next group to enter, so please be prompt.


Failure by any skater to wear proper face coverings in any of the required areas or to comply with all other Covid-19 policies will result in the following:

First Offense: verbal warning
Second Offense: loss of skating privileges or building access for a week
Third Offense: removal from the league

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