WGG!RedZone PS4 Madden Esports League 21+

WGG!RedZone PS4 Madden Esports League 21+

We Got Game! Raise Yours

League Info

Mississauga, ON, Canada


Our Madden league will be just regular teams where players get to draft their teams each month.

How it Works:

  • Inaugural Season will be at random where players will get to draft a team based We Got Game! picking names randomly. Season 2 will be based on what placing did you receive that month. (i.e. last place will get a choice to pick 1st and 1st place will pick last)
    This will give players a fair chance to compete each month.

  • Players will have 1 of 2 options of price point.
    Option 1) Pay $10.00
    Option 2) Pay $5.00 and a Subscriber to our wegotgame_corp twitch channel. Those familiar with twitch and Amazon Prime know that Amazon Prime users receives a free sub each month as part of your account Perk. Use that Perk towards are channel and receive 50% off your entry fee. see link for details

  • Prizes each month will be $150.00.

  • Games will be played at your own leisure but we suggest each week a game is scheduled on Sunday 10am or 11am for our WGG!Redzone feature as we broadcast all games.

  • Other optional WGG!Redzone dates are Wednesdays. Other games are scheduled at your own leisure. All games must be played to qualify for the playoffs and to win prizes.

  • If a player quits mid season, they will not be invited to come back for other months of our league.

  • Games must be streamed. If not streamed by player or opponent then games will not count. If you don't stream then this league is not for you.

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